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Moodle Backups

ITS creates Moodle system and course backups on a regular basis. We maintain an archive of all courses from Blackboard and Moodle for six (6) years. Professors can also create personal backups of courses, course content, and student work. 

System backups 

  • Twice each week (Saturday and Thursday nights) we create course backups, including your course content, student uploads, and grades. 
  • After the end of each semester we create a full Moodle course backup to add to our backup archives
    • We maintain these Moodle and Blackboard course backups in off-line archives for six (6) years
  • You may want to create more frequent backups of critical information which might be changed before these backups are scheduled. 

Personal backups 

  • To create personal backups of Grades
    • Use the Grades Export tab to create a spreadsheet version of your grades as often as you see fit
      • You will Export a spreadsheet-formatted file to your computer, where it can be viewed independently of Moodle
      • This Export option can be combined with Import to allow you to edit  Grades off line in a spreadsheet. Import instructions can be found here and an Import  instructional video can be found here

  • To create personal backups of Assignment submissions
    • For student file uploads, use the option "Download all submissions" in the "View/grade all submissions" pull-down menu
      • You will then have copies of all student upload files compressed in an .zip archive on your computer
    • For student on-line text entries, also use the option "Download all submissions" in the "View/grade all submissions" pull-down menu
      • You will then have a single text file with all entries on your computer

  • To create personal backups of Quizzes 
    • Simple backup of graded Quiz 
      • Select Attempts
        • Download table data as... 
        • select a format (Excel spreadsheet is recommended)
        • Download 
      • You will then have a file on your computer with student grade results by question (not actual answers, just grades) which you can access independently of Moodle
    • Full backup of Quiz results
      • Administration | Quiz administration | Backup
        • Follow the screens to Backup 
        • Download the Backup file 
      • This file on your computer can be restored to Moodle to recreate all the Quiz content, including actual answers (check with us for help with the restore process)