Welcome to Colgate's Moodle Information Site.


  • Summer 2016 - Moodle will be upgraded to a new version (2.9 or 3.x) 
    • We are working on a new Moodle 3 Information Site to replace this site!

  • OldMoodle.Colgate.Edu has been retired (as of March 2016) - the old server replaced in F13 has been retired, but all old course content will remain available in off-line archives (backups) 

Start-Semester (Spring 2016) Reminders

  • Spring 2016 courses 
    • Spring courses have been created and professors assigned. Student enrollments were created starting 4-Jan and are automatically updated.  
    • Professors can Import all or selected content directly from courses on the current server
      • Course administration | Import 
      • other means are available to copy course content
      • Current server courses: F13, S14, F14, S15, F15
        • Older courses are available at oldmoodle.colgate.edu 
        • Note: OldMoodle will be retired in March 2016 - course content remains available in off-line archives (backups)
    • Some of our standard service requests:
      • Migrate course content from the old server or our archives - complete the migration request form linked on this page
      • Combine courses or sections - ITSHelp request
      • Educate with a Moodle orientation session - ITSHelp request
      • Create courses
      • Create guest accounts
    • Professor assignments to a course are synchronized with Banner but removals are not 
      • If you are no longer assigned to a course you can remove your own enrollment, ask the current professor to remove you, or request that ITS remove you - ITSHelp request

End-Semester (Fall 2015) Reminders

  • Course Visibility
    • F15 courses will remain visible to students until February
      • Sometime shortly after the first week of February we will hide all F15 courses
        • Professors can hide any of their courses before that time if they wish
        • Professors can make F15 courses visible again after we hide them
          • (we do this once for the semester and won't hide en masse again until next semester)
    • Backups!  
      • Twice each week (Saturday and Thursday nights) we create course backups, including student uploads and grades. 
      • You may want to create more frequent backups of critical information which might be changed before these backups are scheduled. 
      • How can you create personal backups of Grades, Assignment submissions, and Quizzes? 
    • Grading help? 
      • Use Moodle to calculate or upload and distribute your course grades. Request a personal or small-group Grading overview (email ITSHelp@Colgate.Edu

    Start-of-Semester (Fall 2015) Reminders

    • Previous plans to upgrade the Moodle server and software over the summer were cancelled! We are running the same Moodle as last year and hope to upgrade in 
    • Fall courses have been created on the production server and professors and students enrolled and updated automatically. Report any enrollment issues to the ITS Service Desk
    • Fall courses will not be visible to students until professors make them visible (use Quicksets) (Libraries' Electronic Reserves also make them visible) Gray courses are not visible to students! Orange are visible!
    • Copying course content? Information about self-service or ITS assistance is here.
      • All Moodle courses from Fall 2013 and those previously restored from backup should be available to you on the production server for direct Import
      • Older courses may need to be restored from our backup archives; details and a request form are linked above and here.
    • Our Summer 2015 workshops are scheduled here

    End-of-Semester Reminders

    • We strongly recommend that professors using Moodle Grades create a backup using the Export option in Excel format 
      • The exported Moodle Grades will be in a format allowing permanent, off-line access via spreadsheet
    • Visible Spring 2015 courses will remain visible to students until 15-Jun unless professors hide them (Quicksets)  Gray courses are not visible to students! Orange are visible!
      • On or about 15-Jun we will make all Spring 2015 courses invisible; if you want any of your S15 courses visible after that you are free to change (or request that we change) the visibility.
    • Current server courses: F13, S14, F14, S15
    • Professors can Import all or selected content directly from courses on the current server
      • Course administration | Import 
      • other means are available to copy course content
    • Some of our standard service requests:
      • Migrate course content from the old server or our archives - complete the migration request form linked on this page
      • Combine courses or sections - ITSHelp request
      • Educate with a Moodle orientation session - ITSHelp request

    Did you know that in Moodle you can...?

    • Perform blind grading
    • Grade using a rubric
    • Drag and drop pictures and documents directly into your course
    • Download all student assignments in a single operation
    • Return documents to all or selected students in a single operation
    • Backup your entire course to maintain a personal copy
    • Ask us about these and more... ITSHelp request

    Colgate Moodle is accessed at moodle.colgate.edu

    Faculty Tutorial Videos 

    More news information on Moodle is occasionally posted on the ITS blog site, here

    Moodle Status Report
    • Old Moodle v2.2 is on-line at OldMoodle.Colgate.Edu 
      • All old courses are there for you to review, extract documents, or backup
      • Learn how to copy a course from OldMoodle to Moodle v2.5 here 
      • or,  Request that we move content here * 
    • Current Moodle is v2.5 is on-line at Moodle.Colgate.Edu
      • All courses created since F13 (or copied to the server since F13) remain accessible there
    • Test Moodle

    Moodle in Summary

    Moodle is a learning management system (LMS) designed to help a professor:
    1. enhance teaching and learning through on-line resources and activities (pedagogy)
    2. save time and effort (efficiency)
    Simply put, Moodle is a way to interact with your students in an organized way. 

    LMS features, like a grade book,  can serve multiple purposes -- you might use Moodle Grades strictly to track assignments and calculate grades (efficiency), or you might use it to provide feedback to your students (pedagogy).  That student feedback might be throughout the course, letting them track their progress during the semester (pedagogy), or just at the end, letting you summarize their grades at the end of the semester (efficiency). 

    Leveraging Moodle
    Learning management systems, like Moodle, are aggregators. They serve as a common location to provide activities and materials and to collect input from multiple students.  Furthermore they are silos, restricting course content to participants in support of privacy or copyright laws.

    Pedagogy in Moodle
    Moodle is well suited to providing instructive strategies in an organized and reproducible fashion. Moodle is not meant to replace the classroom experience, merely to augment it. As a learning management system, Moodle is a well-honed tool for organizing, collecting and delivering instruction.

    Navigating & Additional Assistance
    Use the tabs at the top of each page on this site to view detailed information. For further assistance, please send an e-mail to itshelp@colgate.edu. This is the most efficient method for receiving timely, accurate assistance with Moodle at Colgate. You can also visit the on-line help form at http://helpcenter.colgate.edu