CEL & ITS are offering the following Summer 2012 workshops for faculty and staff.  
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Overview of Moodle 2
Location TBA

Led by Dan Wheeler
Learn more about the latest version of Moodle (Moodle 2) from Lead Instructional Technologist and Moodle Administrator Dan Wheeler. There have been significant changes and enhancements to both the look and feel and the functionality of Moodle. Get up to date on these changes and more with this comprehensive overview.   

Also ... Moodle Office Hours
Aug 17,24 1:30-3:30pm 
Case-Geyer 450 & Webinar (http://colgateits0.webex.com password moodleMe2
No registration required!

WEBINAR WEDNESDAY: Classroom Technology
August 22 , 11 AM     
Click to join: www.colgate.edu/webinar
The Academic Technology group will be working this summer to simplify the classroom technology setup.
This session will provide a general overview of how to use the technology in the standard Colgate classroom.

WEBINAR WEDNESDAY: Introduction to Google Drive
August 29, 11 AM     Click to join: www.colgate.edu/webinar
Google Drive is replacing Google Docs. Learn about the added functionality and how to best use the new features.

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Past Summer 2012 Workshops

Webinar Wednesday: Blogger

June 20th, TIME: 11AM - 11:50AM        Visit: http://www.colgate.edu/webinar

Led by Zlatko Grozl
Another part of the Google toolset, Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user
blogs with time-stamped entries. Much like a website, a blog enables you to share text, photos and video
BUT with a blog you can enable your readers to comment on your posts.

Webinar Wednesday: Google Groups
June 27th, TIME: 11AM - 11:50AM        Visit: http://www.colgate.edu/webinar

Led by Dan Wheeler
Google Groups allows users to set up their own mailing lists, and easily share docs, sites, and calendars with colleagues.Administrators of the group can control memberships if desired or leave it open to the Colgate community.

Webinar Wednesday: Collaborating with Google Docs
July 11th, TIME: 11AM - 11:50AM        Visit: 

Led by Ahmad Khazaee, Zlatko Grozl and Mark Hine
The power of Google Docs is sharing individual text docs, spreadsheets, and presentations
with others enabling multiple simultaneous authors to edit the same document.

Webinar Wednesday: Technology Free For All
July 18th, TIME: 11AM - 11:50AM        Visit: 

Led by Dan Wheeler, 
Ahmad Khazaee, Zlatko Grozl, Sarah Kunze and Mark Hine
Our Academic Technology staff will field any technology question you may have. We will do our best to
provide you an answer and if we can't at that moment, we will get back to you after the webinar.

Webinar Wednesday: Google Site as a Wiki
July 25th, TIME: 11AM - 11:50AM        Visit: 

Led by Mark Hine
A wiki is basically just a website that can be edited by anyone on your team or in your department. It's used to store information
about all the different things you need to keep track of such as documentation, files, to-do lists, etc.

Webinar Wednesday: Google Calendar
May 30th, TIME: 11AM - 11:50AM        Visit: 

Led by Zlatko Grozl
Learn how to set up your own calendar online; create meetings and invite other Colgate users; 
share your calendar with others; and display multiple calendars in the same window. 

Webinar Wednesday: Google Sites
June 6th, TIME: 11AM - 11:50AM        Visit: http://www.colgate.edu/webinar

Led by Dan WheelerGoogle Sites is a web page-creation tool enabling Colgate users to easily create and share information
publicly or privately on the web. For group projects, multiple users can collaborate on a site.

Webinar Wednesday: Gmail Management
June 13th, TIME: 11AM - 11:50AM        Visit: http://www.colgate.edu/webinar
Led by Ahmad Khazaee

The Cure for Cartophobia – A CEL Web Mapping Workshop 

June 18th - 19th TIME: 9AM - 4PM

Led by Zlatko Grozl, Jesse Henderson, Peter Rogers, and Dan Wheeler 
This workshop will introduce web-based mapping as a teaching tool that can be used in the classroom and for student projects. The first day will start with Google Maps, move on to Google Earth including how one can create and add features to Google Earth, and conclude with a look at user-friendly sources of digital map data such as the Google Earth Community, geoportals, and the U.S. government’s National Atlas. The second day will be optional and provide an opportunity for participants to work on a personal web mapping project with the CEL members leading the workshop.

WEBINAR WEDNESDAY: Google Site for Portfolios
August 1 , 11 AM    Click to join: 
Learn how you can use a Google Site to create a collection of electronic evidence to track the progress of an individual or a project.
Such electronic evidence may include text, electronic files, images, multimedia, blog entries, and hyperlinks.

August 8, 11 AM    
Click to join: www.colgate.edu/webinar
Colgate's Network Security Analyst, Peter Setlak, will provide you with general tips
that everyone should know to keep their computer and personal information private and safe.

Video Narrative Workshop *Pre-Registration Required*

August 10th, 9AM - 4PM  Case-Geyer 560
August 13th, 9AM - 4PM  Case-Geyer 560

Led by Sarah Kunze and Debbie Krahmer
The Library and ITS staff are offering a revised two-day video narrative workshop in August. Many faculty participants from lasts year's workshop went on to assign video narrative projects in their classes this academic year. With our new Digital Learning & Media Center on level 5 of Case library slated to open in the Fall of 2012, we now have dedicated learning spaces for new media, allowing us to offer even better support for students and faculty. 

In order to feel comfortable assigning a video project in a class, our experience has shown that a faculty member must first create their own video project to get a sense of what is involved. This workshop offers an opportunity for this to happen. Learn how to construct a simple video narrative using photos, text, voice recordings, and music. 

During the two-day, hands-on workshop we will cover both the aspects of writing a narrative for video and the technical steps to editing video. 
The goal of the workshop is not to make you a video expert, but rather to give you an appreciation of the process so that you can extend the option to your students as a part of your course assignments. 
  To register for the Video Narrative workshop, click the 'Register for a Workshop' link above. 

WEBINAR WEDNESDAY: Back up Your Computer
August 15, 11 AM      Click to join: www.colgate.edu/webinar
All of your important files should be in at least two places
- three places is even better. Learn strategies to keep your files safely backed up.