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OBSOLETE - Our support model is changing and here is how:

We have reassigned some responsibilities for staff within Academic Technologies in an effort to bolster support for the faculty’s use of technology in the classroom and within your courses overall.  

The most significant change is the assignment of an instructional technologist to each of the following divisions:
  • Humanities - Zlatko Grozl
  • Natural Sciences and Mathematics - Dan Wheeler
  • Social Sciences and University Studies - Ahmad Khazaee

These individuals are to serve as consultants to the faculty in their division when it comes to the application of technology to enhance teaching and learning. Over the course of the next several weeks, we will attempt to attend meetings of the divisional department chairs, and meetings of individual departments, with the assigned instructional technologist.  The purpose of these meetings will be to gather your input on how we might be most effective in providing the support that you require.  Following these meetings, each instructional technologist will offer to meet one-on-one with every faculty member in their division to gather more details regarding the kinds of support you need. It is important to state that these positions differ from traditional TSA (Technology Support Analyst) roles with which you are familiar. Please do not call these people rather than the helpline when a problem arises with your computer. In fact, this group will continue to use our call-tracking system to manage requests for service, but their role is one of technology consultant - a partner, if you will - to help you leverage the vast array of existing and emerging technologies to achieve the best pedagogy. 

On a more programmatic level, the Academic Technologies team is partnering with the Center for Learning, Teaching, and Research and the Collaboration for Enhanced Learning (CEL), a joint ITS-Library group whose mission is to enhance teaching and learning at Colgate through the innovative use of appropriate technology and information resources.  Look for upcoming announcements of lunchtime teaching tables and afternoon seminars where you can learn about how your colleagues have been innovating with technology in their courses. 

Questions and comments regarding this new initiative are welcome. Please feel free to contact Dave Baird via email at or phone 315-228-7467.
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