Create a list of offered documents. Try to work with documents in the same SuDocs number range

Monographs with records

Check that you do not have Print Templates checked. Admin>Settings>Print Templates

You can queue item labels from the following places in Millennium:
  • Choose Tools | Queue Monographic Label to Print in the edit display of an item record. 
  • Choose Tools | Queue Monographic Label to Print in the summary display of item records. Can add one item record or multiple item records.

Create a print label queue:
  • bring up record
  • Tools >  Queue Monographic Label for Printing
  • add to queue 1
  • <Esc>
  • continue until you have finished all documents with records
Import records into a Create List
  • Choose an empty review file
  • Copy (button).
  • In the select file to copy from dialog, scroll to the end of the list and select the desired file of labels from those named "Labels for batch printing for <username> (<# of records>)"
  • rename something that makes sens
  • Click OK
  • do you want to remove the file copied from ?
    • Yes
Create offers list
  • List records, send to email (select printer none)
  • use the following fields
    • bib call number
    • !245|a (MARC tag, 245 subfield a = title without subtitle)
    • !260|c (MARC tag, 260 subfield c = date)
    • item volume (if any)
  • Send to email
  • Copy and paste text of email into a Word document
  • Use Word's replace feature to:
    • replace hard line return with paragraph mark: ^| replaced by ^p
    • insert format (since almost all will be paper): replace 2 paragraph marks with a P preceded one paragraph mark and followed by 2 paragraph marks: ^p^p replaced by ^pP^p^p
  • copy resulting text to offers list

Serial Titles and Docs w/o Records

add to list manually

Update records

notify Jane Donlin in Cataloging when done adding documents from your List to the offers list. Include number and name of file

Global Update update item records:
  • change status to w
  • insert offers list date and number
    • monographs & serials that we are completely withdrawing: offers list date and number
    • serials that we are not completely withdrawing: list date and number
Create List of bib records and use Global Update to suppress