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Access WebTech Notes

  • Open a web browser
  • The homepage should be set to the Government Documents Useful Links page
  • Click on WebTech Notes under Processing

Looking for Records
  • On the WebTech Notes homepage, locate the Search bar and click Advanced
  • Under Select a Range of Time choose a start date and an end date (1 month)
  • Uncheck CC - Cataloging and Classification Update (create list separately)
  • Then click Search
  • Change the Display Number to 35.  Occasionally, you'll have to re-do the search

Print Records

  • Click Select All
  • At the bottom of the page, choose HTML and click on the View button, print
  • Go back to WTN, move to next page, and repeat until all pages have been printed
  • Staple pages together

Preliminary checking

Check Status (not for CC - see below)
Stamp each record with the search stamp, then search Item Lister, Access,and the catalog, and indicate Y or N for each search.
  • In Item Lister and Access, search all item numbers listed for the record. e.g. "Libraries selecting 1005-F-01 and 1005-C will have 1005-F-02 added to their selection profile." you must search 1005-F-01, 1005-C, and 1005-F-02
  • When there is more than one item number to search, and you have found the item number, highlight the numbers that you find.
  • for the catalog, search the SuDocs number and a the title.

Access = yes if:

  • CURR=c, and
  • DSEL not D, and
  • INAC not I

Access = no if any of the below:

  • CURR = o
  • DSEL =D
  • INAC = I

Cataloging and Classification Section

  • Staff search catalog, highlight records that we own and must be fixed
  • Insert x note in record: sudoc # on piece reads: [xxx] (Macro <F9>)
  • correct SuDocs number in the c tagged 086 field
  • insert SuDocs number in the g tagged 086 field, |z for the incorrect SuDocs number in the g tagged 086 field
  • give students prints outs
  • students pull docs, correct SuDocs on piece, bring to staff for barcoding or withdrawal
  • return to staff printout for any titles that cannot be found
  • Pre 1976 titles: Do no search. Cross out on print out