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Final Steps

Classification/Cataloging updates (CC)

If students cannot locate on shelves (all locations: gtall, gdoc, gpam, cmfcg) under either the old or new SuDocs number, staff double-check for students, then look for documents shelved incorrectly. Some common shelving errors:
  • house and senate hearings committees: e.g. Y 4.F 67/1: and Y 4.F 76/2:
  • M and H in SuDocs number
  • 1 and I and L (lower case)
  • 2 and S
  • 3 and 8
  • Y 4.AR 5/2: and Y 4.AR 5 A/2:
  • others?

If no document is found, and item record has a barcode:

  • edit the x note so it reads: "if found, change sudocs # on piece reads"
  • mark the item record missing
  • suppress bib record

If no document is found and item record does not have a barcode, delete item and bib record.

Multiple part monographs or serials

suppress only the item record if there are other pieces on the shelves.

Other sections

As appropriate:


  • Staff add record(s) to our Marcive Profile in Access, and if necessary, close out old records
  • Add records
    • In Records area of the ribbon, click on New
    • enter format, location, title, item no, SuDocs no.
      • When entering SuDocs, NO space between the first letter and number of the SuDocs
    • In CURR fields, enter c
    • In DATE_SEL and SEL_EFF, enter date of WTN
    • In NOTES, enter WTN date. Information from Notes in WTN
  • Close records
    • In INAC field, enter I for item numbers that have been discontinued
    • In DATE_DSEL, enter date of WTN
    • In DSEL_EFF, etner date of WTN
    • In NOTES, enter WTN date. Information from Notes in WTN
  • If necessary, close serial records in Sierra, and add 780 785 fields as necessary
Access code:
o=Item number active but some other change e.g. format change, title change
I=Item number inactive or discontinued 
D=we decided to de-select

  • Update 008 Fixed Field
    • Change Pub Stat field
    • Change Date Two
  • If possible check the source dates of coverage 
  • In 260 subfield C close the dates or strip the dates if they can't be identified
  • Clarify 362 second indicator: 0 - if looking at the item piece; 1 - if the item piece is not available
    • If 1 - just write Ceased publication