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  1. Find shipping list & documents; check off the s.l. on the shipping list load sheet
  2. check off item on shipping list
  3. date stamp
  4. shipping list number
  5. barcode & date due slip
  6. SuDocs label
  7. check non-receipts
  8. Place processed material on "post-Processing" shelves
    Use a sharpie for glossy paper and labels only.  Use the acid free pens (beige) for everything else.

Step 1. Find materials to process.
  • Labels, barcodes and the list of shipping lists on the load to be processed are in the file on the table.
  • Materials to be process are in bins on the "Pre-Processing shelves" (left side).
  • shipping lists with no documents to be processed are in the files on the top of the pre-processing shelves. We do not receive documents on those lists, so skip steps 2-7
Step 2. Check off each piece on s.l. sheet as each completed; don't cover the any text with your check mark
Step 3. Date stamp. Check date on date stamp. Stamp pieces. Don't cover any text!
Order of preference for stamp location:
  • outside back cover
  • inside back cover
  • facing back cover
  • Ask
If no room for stamp write on piece: Colgate U Library GovDoc [date]. If necessary (e.g. dark covers), apply a label and write the date stamp information on the label
Step 4. Shipping list number Write on back cover in lower right hand corner

Step 5. Barcodes & Date due slips. Order of preference for placement for barcode
  1. inside back cover
  2. page facing inside back cover
  3. front cover (no date due slip)
  4. back cover (no date due slip)
Do not place a barcode on a page that doesn't have enough room for a date due slip.
Do not place barcodes
where they will be a distraction to the user, e.g. top or bottom margins. Problems:
  • Hearings have a ready made place to put barcodes. You may cover the graphic that appears on the front cover.
  • use both the inside back cover and the facing page if needed
  • Committee documents and reports (Y 1) are often problematic. Ask about these. 
Do not put a date due slip on documents with a Case Ref Document label on the front cover

Step 6. SuDocs numbers Do not cover any text
  • Match SuDocs label to s.l. 
  • SuDocs label in upper left hand corner (see exceptions below). If necessary, move down the front cover no more than 3 inches. If still necessary, move in towards center, no more than 1 inch.
  • Match barcode to SuDocs label

  • Errata slips. Do not process (usually). These will be inserted into the appropriate documents.
  • Blue flag (no SuDocs no. or barcode on cover): Apply SuDocs number label on upper right hand corner of page facing inside back cover. Do not apply barcode or date due slip
  • Case Ref Document: no date due slip; stamp 'Library Use Only"
  • Case Pamphlet: probably no date due slip. Depends on were the barcode is
  • Lavender flag (additional material in back, e.g. maps): each piece must be labeled, in pencil, with the SuDocs number
  • House documents and reports (Y 1.) that are less than 3 pages, stamp, write s.l. #, then: 
    • put in an envelope and apply SuDocs label in upper left hand corner of envelope (flap up and in the back)
Step 7. Check non-receipts. Check all items on list that we did not receive against Item Lister (depository # 0423)
  • if we do not select, do nothing
  • if we select, photocopy s.l.,
    • highlight item that we we should have received,
    • staple SuDocs label and barcode to s.l.
    • give to Sergei
Step 8.
  • Place completed items and shipping lists on Post-Processing shelves in shipping list number order.
  • Place shipping lists with no documents to be processed in the file on top of the post processing shelves

Problems/Unusual items

  • should have a Case Docs Pamphlet label in upper right corner
  • apply SuDocs label in upper left corner opposite pamphlet label (doc will most likely be on long edge)
  • most likely will not have a date due slip

Case Ref Document

  • should have a Case Ref Document label in upper right corner
  • do not apply a date due slip
  • stamp "Library Use Only"
Rainchecks (marked with +): date stamp raincheck; keep with pile of processed documents
Shorts (marked with %)
  • copy shipping list; highlight short item; give to Sergei
  • Sergei consult with govdocs reference librarian and purchase if desried
Documents but no labels
  • check against Item Lister
  • if we do not select, give to govdocs reference librarian for retention decision
  • if we select, process normally (write SuDocs number on blank lablel and apply to piece). Ask cataloging to catalog
Documents  but no barcodes
  • check against Item Lister
  • if we don’t select, give to govdocs reference librarian for retention decision
  • if we select write "No Barcode" on slip of scrap paper and stick in piece so Sergei will see when Post-Processing
Leftover labels and/or barcodes
  • most likely, you forgot to apply to the document; check pile
  • check against Item Lister
  • if we don’t select, give to Sergei
All other strange problems, consult Sergei