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Fiche Processing 

  • Check date and s.l. number on date stamp. Date stamp envelopes on back
  • write s.l. number on lower right corner on the back of the envelope
  • Check off the SuDocs number on s.l. sheet for each fiche envelope received. Don't cover the SuDocs number with your check mark
  • SuDocs label in upper left corner
  • Barcode on right hand side in one of 3 positions (mix them up so that the fiche don't get twisted in the drawer
    • upper right
    • middle right
    • lower right
  • Item numbers not received
    • check Item List
    • photocopy s.l.
    • highlight item/SuDocs/title of documents that we should have received (claims)
    • give to Sergei
    • Sergei consult govdocs reference librarian about whether or not to claim

Correcting SuDocs Numbers on Fiche

  • Place label with corrected SuDocs number on the upper left corner of fiche envelope
  • Cross out SuDocs number on all pieces of fiche
  • Write in correct SuDocs number on first page of fiche