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Note: Maps that are 10.2.5" x 15" are processed as pamphlets.

Maps that are larger than a map case drawer (38" x 50") will need to be folded. Ask about placement of SuDocs number/barcode and how to fold.

Shipping Lists

Check off maps received against what is listed in the shipping list. If there are missing items ask govdocs reference librarian about whether or not to claim an item. File received shipping lists in folders by year.

Map Processing 
  • Spread maps out flat on the processing table and flatten out the edges. 
  • Verify items received against the appropriate shipping list(s)
  • On back of map in lower left corner put:
    • Date stamp 
    • Barcode 
    • Shipping list number
  • On front of map:
    • SuDocs number in the lower right corner as the map will be shelved Some maps may be shelved turned sideways in half-drawers; list of drawers below:

  • Maps that are small enough to get "lost" in a full map case are inserted into a "envelopes" before shelving. what size?
    • "Envelopes" have stiff backs and clear fronts and are made for us in the conservation lab.