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CD/DVD Processing

Check off item number on s.l. sheet as each completed. Don't cover the item number with your check mark!

If disc comes in a paper sleeve instead of a case, place disc in a new case (in Cataloging processing area)

Check date on date stamp. Remove plastic cradle:
  • stamp paper back cover. 
  • If no back cover, use pre-cut/stamped paper. Insert with stamp facing outward.
Write s.l. number on lower right hand corner of paper "back cover", facing outward (should be able to read when case is closed).

Re-assemble jewel case.

Labels (see example in cubbie):
  • SuDocs label in upper left
  • Barcode in lower left
  • Green label (in cubbie) above barcode. Indicate number of discs inside case
  • wide label for date due in lower right
Accompanying material:
  • Fold single page material and insert in jewel case (may need to cut 1/4" off bottom).
Item numbers not received
  • check against Item Selection List
  • circle item/SuDocs/title of documents that we should have received (claims)
  • write a C next to the circle
  • photocopy s.l. with circled claims. Put in SG's basket

Put s.l. and CDs in box on Electronics Processed shelves (if there are no discs/videos with the shipment, write zero on s.l. and put in the box). Keep in s.l. number order