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2 months after initial load:
  1. Open Marcvie BIB Loads Excel file
  2. Create list of all the records for the month
    Name file Govdoc month all
    Use saved search Govdocs month all & change CAT DATE
  3. Check net to see if meets criteria for net.
    Use saved search Govdocs Fix net; run against list 1
  4. Create list of all records that should be net.
    Run against Govdocs month year all (1)
    Use saved search Govdocs should be net?
  5. Create list of net item records: Store record type Item; location = net
    Run against Govdocs month all
  6. Go to Rapid Update: Update online records so that they are contributed to CNY
    61 (ITYPE) = 2
  7. check for multi location and multiple copies
    Use saved search Govdocs Multi 
    Run against Govdocs month all
  8. Create a list of nonoverlays
    Run against Govdocs month  all (1)
    Name file Govdocs month non
    Used saved search Govdocs Non-overlays