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Resolving tips

Some documents can be resolved without retrieving the documents. See. For the remaining:
  • print a group of records
  • have students search location based on format and size
  • as you resolve each record, remove from the Create List

Searching tips

S.l. records don't usually have a complete title - do a keyword search and/or SuDocs number search.

Committee prints, reports, & documents have fairly useless titles. Use a Govdocs number search. Govdocs number searches may not be comprehensive because of changes in SuDocs numbers. Verify, when possible, with keyword search. You may need to leave off part of the Govdocs number when searching, e.g. volume numbers, part numbers, years.

Searches in Millennium may be limited to words in title, e.g. ti=test. Only one limit can be "AND'd", the rest are "OR'd". If you need more, use text based.

Display tips

display records side-by-side: Window, Title Vertically

Fields to check

Skim record, looking for things that "don't look right", esp.:

Fixed fields Bibl Level - m or s

Fixed fields Copies - usually 1, unless there's an LC or Dewey classed copy

Fixed fields (008) Date 1 and Date 2 (serials)

001 - OCLC number

019 - superseded OCLC number(s)

074 - item number, esp. any format indicators

086 - esp. |z incorrect SuDocs numbers

100/110 - Check main entry for changes in author/coporate author

245 - first 5 words important for serials

245 - |h general material designator (i.e. physical format)

300 - distinguishing between online and CD

362 - dates of coverage

5xx fields - determining online only or physical. See below

776 - other physical formats, esp. |x OCLC number

780 - preceding title, esp. |x OCLC number

785 - succeeding title, esp. |x OCLC number

956 - check second indicator

Fields that indicate online only record

074 - has (online)

245 - has |h [electronic resource] or |h [computer file] - older records

500 - no indication of a shipping list number

530 - Also available online (on records for physical piece)
548 - Available online via ... (on records for online only)

856 - 2nd indicator is 0 (indicators: 0 = online piece; 1 = different version; 2 = related title/abstract)