Annual search for missing documents

Create a list of item records for documents with status missing

Create a list of item records for documents in gdoc sdoc crom srom map smap reported missing in the last 2 fiscal years:
  • item status=s AND
  • update date > 5/31/2 yrs OR
  • item status=m AND
  • update date date > 5/31/2 yrs

List following parts of the record (number items on list):
  • location (from item record)
  • title (from bib record)
  • call number (from bib record)
  • call number (from item record)
  • volume number (from item record)
  • record number (from item record)

Search all locations on yellow missing document form. Search for most common mis-shelving possibilities:
  • 5 AND s; 8 and 3; 2 and z; P, D, and O, M and H
  • house and senate committees interfiled (misread the number in the steam after the /
  • S.PRT. and S.HRG. shelved in the :S instead of after :Z
If document is found, working from the Create List:
  • Change status on item record
  • Change record, as needed, to reflect correct location
  • Change SuDoc number on either the document or the record, as needed
  • Remove record from list
Report number of documents found in Monthly Report

Remaining documents have not been found. Using Global Update, update list of item records:
  • Change item status=w
  • Insert note (x): declared lost [mo/yr]

Create a list of bib records (list A):
  • item status=w AND
  • item note=declared lost [mo/yr]
  • Sort by record number

Create a second list of bib records (list B); searching list A to determine if any bib records in list A have items records attached for documents that are not missing: item status NOT w

Sort list B by record number; print.
Manually remove from list A, bib records that are in list B
Resulting list B can now be suppressed.

Rapid update list B: bcode3=n

Submit list to Dept. Head for decisions about checking Needs & Offers or for attempted purchase.