Missing Documents

Search on demand

Search all locations on yellow missing document form. Search for most common mis-shelving possibilities.
  • E and ED and EP
  • M and H
  • P and D
  • O and zero
  • S1 and SI
  • slash as one
  • periods as decimals
  • s.prt./s.hrg.
  • serial set slip stems
  • cutters

If document is found:
  • Change Mondo record, as needed, to reflect correct location. 
  • Change SuDoc number on either the document or the Mondo record, as needed.
  • Place on hold at the Circulation Desk any paper documents that are found. Do not put microfiche on hold. 
  • Notify patron.
  • Write cause of request (mis-shelved, wrong location, etc.) if can be determined
  • Enter into monthly statistics spreadsheet
  • File request

If document is not found:
  • Change status of item record to s
  • Notify patron
  • Write not found on request form
  • Insert note x=replace if found for the following series:
    • Committee hearings, prints, documents, and reports for committees that we select
    • Serial Set volumes
    • Case Ref Docs titles
    • ERIC Documents if not online
    • GAO reports if not online
    • Smithsonian Annual reports
    • Titles in Case or Cooley Journals or Case or Cooley Reference that are not replaced by microfilm or superseded
  • Place requests for all other series in govdocs reference librarian’s mailbox, who will decide replacement status
  • update item records according to the decisions made (insert note or not)