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Temporary records

Check Record Templates

  • Admin
  • Settings
  • Record Templates
    • Be sure that you have tmpdoc, Temporary GDOC record in your Preferred Templates for bib records
  • New Records
    • Bibliographic: Always prompt for template

Create records

  • File
  • New Record
  • Bibliographic Record
  • Select tmpdoc: Temporary GDOC record

Bib record Prompts:
  • Language eng
  • Bib Level:  m or s
  • Cat Date: accept today's date
  • Mat'l Type: Print material is the default.
    • m  CDs/DVDsm
    • g  video
    • o  kits (multiple format materials that come packaged together)
    • e  maps
  • Location: default is gdoc; change as appropriate
  • Call # 086 0 : key in SuDocs number
  • Govt. Doc# 086 0 : same as call number, usually
  • Govt. Doc# 074  : key item number
  • Title 245 : key title See guidelines for entering titles, below
  • n 500   Shipping list no. : fill in number if known
New Item Options
  • typically choose Single Item
  • follow prompts for
    • location
    • barcode
    • public note
    • volume

Guidelines for entering titles

  • do not enter initial articles: a, an, the
    • The mill on the floss = Mill on the floss
    • A bright shining lie = Bright shining lie
  • Upper case letters only for:
    • proper nouns (e.g. the names of committees or officials_
    • the first letter of the first word in the title
  • Leave out year or number indications in serial titles that contain them. Replace with ellipses. If the year is the first word, start the title with the next word that is not an article, and do not use ellipses:
    • 1983 annual report to Congress = Annual report to Congress
    • Fiscal year 1995 report to Congres on price subsidies = Fiscal year ... report to Congress on price subsidies