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Saved Searches

For frequently run Create Lists in Millenium, save your search criteria so that you don't always have to reenter the same data before executing a search.

After you have entered your initial search criteria into all applicable fields, click on the Save tab in the bottom portion of the Create Lists screen. This will bring up a screen that will allow you to save your search query by a name of your choosing. Include your initials in your saved search so that you can more easily locate the file when you want to use it again. Options when saving:

To make search faster, search a limited range of records.
  • check box: include type of record
  • Indicate starting record. Useful nubmers:
    • first Marcive record load:
      • b13804431
      • i14475558
    • beginning of monthly record loads
      • b16018485
    • beginning of ESL service
      • b1677286x
  • To end with most recent record, use b* or i*
Access saved searches by clicking on the Retrieve Saved Query button at the bottom of the Create Lists screen. Sort resulting list by Query Name (name saved as), highlight the correct saved search, and click on Select button