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Attaching Multiple Item Records

In Millennium

Open the bib record that you want to attach the item records to.
  1. Click on the Summary tab.
  2. Click on Attach New Item.
  3. Select Multiple Items.
  4. Set Volume Caption.
  5. Enter first volume, then enter last volume. 
  6. Click in the Location field and type and enter the appropriate location.
  7. Click in the # of Copies field and enter 1.
  8. Select a sheet of barcodes 
  9. Verify that you have a sufficient number of barcodes for your task.
  10. Enter first barcode in sequence in the Beginning Barcode field.
  11. Click Yes when prompted by the dialog box to confirm the creation of the item records.
  12. Click Next through the various prompts.
  13. Click on Summary tab.
  14. Click Save All.
  15. Click on the Close button to close the bib record.
  16. Select None and Click OK.

Do not print labels.