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Adding Items to a Label Queue

You can add items to a label queue and edit them, create review files in Create Lists from the queue, or print them in a batch at a later time.

Note: An item record must be saved before an item can be added to the queue.

Item label queues are based upon login. Each time you queue an item label, that label will be added to your login's queue and will remain there until it is cleared from the queue by printing them or or when your session ends (logout or crash).

Check that you do not have Print Templates checked. Admin>Settings>Print Templates

You can queue item labels from the following places in Millennium:
  • Choose Tools | Queue Monographic Label to Print in the edit display of an item record. 
  • Choose Tools | Queue Monographic Label to Print in the summary display of item records. Can add one item record or multiple item records.
  • Select the Queue Monographic Labels radio button in the New Item Report dialog after you have created multiple item records.
To add a missed item:
  • while in Show Records display
  • Click the ADD icon (to right of file name)
  • Change Index to Barcode (if necessary) in the pop-up window
  • Scan barcode of missed volume and Search
  • Click "Use Item Record button. The missed volume is now added to your list (as last item in Show Records display).
To view and/or delete what is in your Print Queue, from either an item record or summary screen: Tools>View Spine Label Queue.

Millennium Macro for queue labels
  • Admin
  • Settings
  • Macros tab
    • select a free key
    • enter: %ALT+t%%ALT+q%%ALT+q%%ALT+HOME%%TAB%
      • <aLT>T = tools menu
      • <Alt>q = queue label
      • <Alt>q = close record
      • <Alt><Home> = back to search type input box
      • <Tab> = positions the cursor in the search box. Only works if your previous search brought up only one record, e.g. when you wand in a barcode
Key to invoke macro:
  • Coordinator login: <F12>
  • Dept. Head login: <F12>
  • Student login: <F12>