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Reader/Printers Tips

Cannon R/P Tips

  • Dial color on front of machine should point to same color as on focus wheel
  • Polarity:
    • top setting reverses polarity from what you see on screen
      • Negative mf = positive print
      • Positive mf = negative print
    • Middle setting WYSIWYG
      • Negative mf = negative print
      • Positive mf = positive print
    • Bottom setting (A) automatic
      • Always a positive print
      • May come out negative print if print includes large photo
    • HINT: if mf has poor contrast (yellowed background), negative prints are actually easier to read
Most common problems listed on printing instructions. Others:
  • Spindle is magnetic, can pop off (and back on) easily
  • Lever to right of take-up spindle should be set to 35 mm. May get bumped to 16mm, which is too narrow to accommodate all our film
  • Arrow on top of glass platen should align with arrow to left of platen
  • Printer type should be set to LetterR. If not, pull paper tray out – scroll wheel on top until LetterR appears. Don’t recommend printing 11 x 17

Common problems

Problem: film loading - reel rotates counter clockwise (i.e. backwards)
  • Control knob is in neutral position (straight up)
  • Loading rollers may need cleaning - use alcohol & swap
Problem: Only center of image prints clearly - outside edges are dark
  • Rotate 360%, if problem goes away, call PMI (problem is the rail)
  • Lamp may be going bad. With machine on, pull lamp - if more light is shining through lamp that being reflected out, or if lamp reflector has faded spots or holes, replace lamp.
  • Turn off machine before re-inserting lamp!!


Ask at Reference Desk
Call Sandy Gavett (7508) or Mary Jane Walsh (6194) for replacement

Other problems

Ask at Reference Desk
Call Sandy Gavett (7508) or Mary Jane Walsh (6194)