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Reader/Printers Tips

Cannon R/P Tips

  • Dial color on front of machine should point to same color as on focus wheel
  • Polarity:
    • top setting reverses polarity from what you see on screen
      • Negative mf = positive print
      • Positive mf = negative print
    • Middle setting WYSIWYG
      • Negative mf = negative print
      • Positive mf = positive print
    • Bottom setting (A) automatic
      • Always a positive print
      • May come out negative print if print includes large photo
    • HINT: if mf has poor contrast (yellowed background), negative prints are actually easier to read
Most common problems listed on printing instructions. Others:
  • Spindle is magnetic, can pop off (and back on) easily
  • Lever to right of take-up spindle should be set to 35 mm. May get bumped to 16mm, which is too narrow to accommodate all our film
  • Arrow on top of glass platen should align with arrow to left of platen
  • Printer type should be set to LetterR. If not, pull paper tray out – scroll wheel on top until LetterR appears. Don’t recommend printing 11 x 17

Common problems

Problem: film loading - reel rotates counter clockwise (i.e. backwards)
  • Control knob is in neutral position (straight up)
  • Loading rollers may need cleaning - use alcohol & swap
Problem: Only center of image prints clearly - outside edges are dark
  • Rotate 360%, if problem goes away, call PMI (problem is the rail)
  • Lamp may be going bad. With machine on, pull lamp - if more light is shining through lamp that being reflected out, or if lamp reflector has faded spots or holes, replace lamp.
  • Turn off machine before re-inserting lamp!!


Ask at Reference Desk
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Other problems

Ask at Reference Desk
Call the Govt. Documents department