Marcive Profile

Information about our receipts are kept in an Access database. Current file name is govdocs 2012. Fields:
  • LOC
  • ITEM
  • SUDOCs
  • CURR (current)
    • c: item is active on Item Lister
    • o: item no. is still active but something about it has changed: new SuDocs, new title, etc. An additional record will be entered for the item no.
  • INAC (Inactive): if an item no. has been discontinued, value = I
  • DSEL (Deselected): D= we have deselected the item no. should have Date de-selected and Date the de-selection takes effect
  • EL ONLY: if we wish to receive records for online only documents, for items that are still listed as tangible and we do not want the tangible items
  • DATE SEL/SEL EFF: date item no. added to our profile and date selection takes place (typically Oct. 1 if we select)
  • Date DSEL/DSEL EFF: date item no. was deselected and date de-selection takes effect (typically 24-48 hours)
  • NOTES: any comments. TS= Tech Supplement; WTN = Web Tech Notes.
    • Format: WTN [date]. [info]

Creating File for Marcive

Open Access
  • In list of Objects, click on Macros
  • Marcive profile will appear; double-click
  • Prompted for location of file. Path:
  • C:/My Documents/DOCS/Marcive/marcive profiles/
  • when prompted for name, name coga.item
  • Wait! You are finished when number of items and SuDocs stems displayed
Close Access

Three files are created:
  1. item: unique item numbers and items with different SuDocs stems with the same location
  2. SuDoc: item numbers with different SuDocs stems with different locations
  3. Locn: items with same SuDocs in multiple formats with different locations, e.g. paper and online
List 2 and 3 must be hand edited.

Rename files:
  • [year]cogaItem.txt
  • [year]cogaSudoc.txt
  • [year]cogaLocn.txt
Edit lists 2 and 3 to remove item numbers with only 2 locations: online and something else. Leave the other location in the profile, and add item numbers with only 1 remaining location to the item list. Combine the remaining SuDocs and Locn lists into 1 file and Name SuDoc. Use Word to edit (can use find and replace, as needed, on selected text instead of entire document), but save as .txt file.

Summer 2013, all items in cogaSudoc.txt were be transferred to cogaItem.txt. If an item number with the same SuDocs stem has 2 different locations, one of which is paper, choose the paper location. Marcive will deal with the format (e.g. CD-ROM), and we can catch with BibSync in non-overlay processing.

for cogaLocn.txt (open in Word)

Manually edit all COGA 1, CGOA 3-7. Most will be moved to item file

Using Replace:
  • replace all paragraph marks with Manual Line breaks
  • Check the Use wildcard box
  • In find: ($LIBCOGA G....... 1976 CURR I 0)*^l([!|])
  • Replace with $
  • in find: $LIBCOGA G....... 1976 CURR I 0 *: | (there is a space at the end)
  • Replace with: $LIBCOGA G....... 1976 CURR I 0

Online only records (records for electronic versions of item numbers that have been deselected)
  • run query Not selected online records
  • export to text file
  • edit to remove punctuation and y
  • edit to add $LIBCOGA 2....... 1976 CURR I 0 (only if Marcvie needs)

Marcive will also create net locations (VVC2) if bib record meets certain criteria:
  • |h[electronic resource]
  • 049 has online
  • 85640 present
  • no shipping list in 500 field

Send files as an attachment to Jim Noel