Load Shipping List Records


From Marcive's email message, copy full path to the directory (/output/.....)

Change CATDATE to date of load (usually a Tuesday), not current date (i.e. not date loading the records)
  • From the Admin menu, select:
  • Settings>Record Templates
  • Record type is bibliographic
  • Double click on template: mrcvsm MARCive Smart Barcodes
  • change to Tuesday load date
  • Click Save
  • Click Close icon
  • Click OK

Retrieve Records

In the Data Exchange Function:
  • In Select Process window, select Load Records via a Locally Created Load Profile
  • Click on Get FTS icon
  • secure transfer checkbox unchecked?
  • Pick host: ftp.marcive.com
  • Click on Connect button
  • Username: anonymous
  • Password: username (e.g. sdomashenko)
Paste full path (found in Marcive email Directory) into Remote Filename window
Click on Remote Filename button
  • Double-click on appropriate file (which loads it)
  • Click Disconnect
  • Click Close icon

Load Records
  • Click on the appropriate file
  • Click Prep. button (pre-process)
  • Verify file size
  • Click Start (at bottom of screen)
  • Click Close icon
Select file with lmarc extension
  • Click on load icon
  • Select LOAD a MARcive SMBC Shiplist
  • Check name of file
  • Click Load
When finished, click on Close icon

View errors and print

  • Highlight error log for your file
  • Click on View
  • Click on Error tab (if any)
  • Click on Statistics tab
  • Click on Print icon
  • Local printer, Print button
  • Copy first START item record number
  • Click Close icon

Create Lists

  • Click on the Create Lists button
  • Select any empty file and click on Search Records
  • In the Review File Name field name your file: "End of load COGA mmdd"
  • Select item in the Store Record Type drop down field 
  • In the Start and Stop fields enter the beginning and ending numbers from the Record Loading Statistics printout
  • Tab over and select the following for the appropriate fields:
    • Type is item
    • Field is 88 (status)
    • Condition is =
    • Value A is P (in process)
    • Click Search button

Delete files for records and error logs

  • Go back to Data Exchange funtion
  • Highlight appropriate files
  • Click on Delete icon
  • Click OK

Update Cataloging Statistics 

After you have loaded the records and created a list, update the Marcive Shipping List Loads statistics  on the Cataloging tab of the the fiscal year spreadsheet.

After your list has been created, staple your Record Loading Statistics and Shipping List Numbers and Dates printouts together and file according to date in the letter sorter on the processing table.