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Heading Reports

In Millennium Menu Bar, click on Heading Reports icon

Invalid headings
Duplicate call numbers
Blind references
Duplicate authority records
(i.e., de-select Headings used for the first time)

Enter date

Limit to username

Click on Create icon

Double clicking on each entry will bring up the record and automatically correct it if you save when closing the record. CAUTION: this is a problem for long corporate author names

Cross-references from the "United States" author authority record are a significant number of the items in the report. To delete them "en mass", click on the first, <shift>click on the last, then go to menu: Tools, Highlighted entries, which selects all. Then click on "Clear"

Increasingly, there are a number of "invalid headings" in the report for treaties because of the change in how they are being cataloged (shifting from 110 corporate author entry "Country.|tTreaties, etc.|gUnited States,|ddate" to a 130 title "Agreement between ...." ). If there are a small number of them, download the appropriate authority record from OCLC.

When done:
Create a report of all headings
Close - clear when close (do not need to check mark each record)