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Heading Reports

In Millennium Menu Bar, click on Heading Reports icon

Invalid headings
Duplicate call numbers
Blind references
Duplicate authority records
(i.e., de-select Headings used for the first time)

Enter date

Limit to users MJW: select and move

Click on Create icon

Double clicking on each entry will bring up the record and automatically correct it if you save when closing the record. CAUTION: this is a problem for long corporate author names

Cross-references from the "United States" author authority record are a significant number of the items in the report. To delete them "en mass", click on the first, <shift>click on the last, then go to menu: Tools, Highlighted entries, which selects all. Then click on "Clear"

Increasingly, there are a number of "invalid headings" in the report for treaties because of the change in how they  are being cataloged (shifting from 110 corporate author entry "Country.|tTreaties, etc.|gUnited States,|ddate" to a 130 title "Agreement between ...." ). If there are a small number of them, download the appropriate authority record from OCLC.

When done:
Create a report of all headings
Close - clear when close (do not need to check mark each record)