Load Bib Records


From Marcive's email message, copy full path to directory (/output/.....)

In the Millennium Menu bar, open the Data Exchange Module

From the Admin menu, select:
Double click on template: gdoc Documents tapeload
Change CATDATE to current date no longer necessary
Click OK

Select Process: Load MARC BIB records from tape or fts (bta)

Retrieve Records

Click on Get FTS icon
Pick host: ftp.marcive.com (secure transfer box should not be checked)
Click on Connect button
Username: anonymous
Password: username (e.g. mwalsh)

Paste full path into Remote Filename window
Click on Remote Filename button

Double-click on appropriate file (which loads it)
Close icon

Load Records

Highlight appropriate file
Prep. button (pre-process)
Start (at bottom of screen)
Close icon

Select file with MARC extension
Click on Load icon
Select Load Marcive G
Check name

When finished, click on Close icon

View errors and print

Highlight error log for your file
Click on View
Click on Error tab (if any)
Click on Statistics tab
Click on Print icon
Local printer, Print button
Email to AK
Close icon

Delete files for records and error logs

Highlight appropriate files
Click on Delete icon

Heading Reports

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