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Access the shipping lists

  • open Internet Explorer or FireFox
  • the home page should be set to the Government Documents Useful Links page
  • click on “Enhanced S.L. (Buffalo)” under the Processing section
  • click on the correct format under the correct range of years. e.g.: Paper under 2005-2007
  • choose the correct shipping list from the drop down menus and click Go

Saving the shipping lists

  • after opening the list, click File>Save As… Click Save (notice that you are saving as an htm file – this will have to be changed in the next step)
  • minimize your web browser

Changing to lbl format

  • from the desktop open DOCS2000 by clicking on the icon labeled Shortcut to DOCS2000…
  • from the menu under File Name: double-click on the list that you just 
  • saved and click OK
  • click To Print Labels or Create Label File, then click Save This File
  • from the dropdown menu under Files of Type: select *.lbl and click 
  • OK
  • exit by clicking Exit

Opening the shipping list
  • open Microsoft Excel
  • click File>Open 
  • from ygovdocs on 'LISV03 2010-2011 (lisv03)' (Y:), open the SL Label folder (desktop shortcut should go there by default)
  • settings
    • files of type : All Files
    • view properties (icon in upper right corner, use drop down arrow): Details
  • choose the list that you want (there will now be two choices for the shipping list you want – open the one that is LBL in the Type column)
  • a text import wizard opens – click Next twice and then Finish

Adding additional shipping lists, formatting, and printing

  • repeat the above procedure
  • when it comes time to open another list, it will open in a new book in Excel – just copy and paste to the original book, putting all of the numbers in the first column)
  • to keep track of which labels belong to which list, type the number of the shipping list into the spreadsheet after adding it
  • once you have all of the lists added to excel that you want, select all of the numbers that you have added (including the shipping list numbers you typed, which should be in the same column as all of the numbers)
  • when finished copying all lists to the one Excel spreadsheet, add 4 rows of text at the bottom. A single character is all that is needed

Excel settings

  • Page Layout Tab
    • Margins
      • Select 0.033 for the Top margin
      • 0.01 for Left margin
      • 0 for Bottom and right margins
      • Select 0 for the Header and Footer
  • Size: SL Label
Row Height
  • Home Tab
  • Highlight the entire worksheet (click in cell above row 1 to the left of column A)
  • Cells
  • Format
    • Row Height 22.5 [=30 pixels]
  • Home Tab
  • Highlight the entire worksheet (click in cell above row 1 to the left of column A)
  • Choose Arial, 13 point font

Printing Labels

Calibrate label (puts print head at correct location). Press and hold button on cover until the light next to it flashes twice (it will flash once, then twice). Then release the button.

Un-check "Collate" option in print dialog box

Printer settings

Start button on task bar
  • Printers and Faxes, select Zebra
  • Printer
  • Properties
  • General Tab
    • Printing Preferences
    • Document Tab
      • Paper/Output
        • Paper Size: SL Label (see below)
        • Top Adjustment: 1
      • Media Settings
        • Media Tracking: Continuous
      • Document Options
        • Dispense Mode: Peel Off
      • Device Options
        • Head Settings
          • Print Darkness: 24
        • Printer Actions
          • On Power up: Do Calibration
  • Advanced Tab
  • Printing Defaults Button (rest of the settings above carry over, the ones below need to be set on both tabs
    • Paper/Output
      • Top Adjustment: 1
    • Device Options
      • Head Settings
        • Print Darkness: 24

Paper size

User define: SL Label. Units: centimeters
  • width 9.53 cm
  • height 1.17 cm
  • margin 0 cm