See Adding Items to a Label Queue under Millennium menu

In the rare instance that you need to create a large number of spine labels (no pocket labels), for example a multi-volume set:

Get label stock from Serials Coordinator
Insert in printer label side up
FYI, top of the sheet will be on the right hand side as you print (for HP1606, at least!)

In Admin, Settings, Print Templates:
  • check "Use Print Templates"
  • Select spine  label templates from drop down
  • Use Vernon787125
In Cataloging, pull up the record(s) desired
  • Select all item records (Summary view)
  • From Tools menu, "Queue Spine Labels to Print"
  • Select desired label queue
  • Repeat for as many titles as needed

From the last bib record (not cataloging search window)

  • Tools, View Spine Label Queues
  • Click on Print button and select options, most important: One-sided print
  • Check that labels came out OK
  • Remove All labels from queue

Fun things to know:

If you have a sheet of label stock with a few labels already printed (or removed), count the number and insert that number in the "Number of blank labels to prepend".

Can selectively remove certain labels before printing.

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Mary-Jane Walsh,
Apr 29, 2013, 8:52 AM