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CU policy on department reports in the Serial Set

Many executive department materials we issued as part of the Serial Set. Around 1908, those materials, formerly issued in both a congressional and departmental editions, were supplied to depository libraries (other than major libraries in D.C.) only in department editions. These volumes were bound in buckram, almost always tan or green. The dept ed. is almost always the same as the congressional ed., minus the transmittal letters. There can be other minor differences between the two versions, but, according to August Imholtz, due "to human error in the storage of the printed sheets and delays in binding" rather than intentionally.

CU will treat as Serial Set volumes those executive dept. reports that are bound in buckram or green. To determine if a volumes bound in red/maroon or brown are to be treated as a Serial Set volume, check:
  • ProQuest Congressional (title may not be an exact match)
  • Print CIS Finding List for document included in the Serial Set volume in question
  • appeal to govdoc-l for a information on the title page of the vols. in question (use sparingly)
If there is an OCLC record for the congressional ed. of an executive dept. report/document, CU will download and x-link to the appropriate Serial Set item records. If not, we will use the record for the dept. ed. x-link to the Serial Set, and insert:
  • a 500 note: [Also/Some volumes] issued as [House/Senate document/report] in the United States Congressional Serial Set
  • 590 note: Serial Set volumes may be linked to this record

Serial Set Volumes shelved in other Collections

Some volumes of the Serial Set are shelved in other collections, e.g. Case Ref Documents, Case Main, or Case Docs (e.g. Serial Set volumes of executive dept. reports received only in dept. ed.). Create an item record for those volumes and insert
  • Serial Set call number
  • volume number
  • public note: Shelved as xxx . Include location and call number of volume
Do not x-link the bib records for these volumes to the Serial Set item records.

Special Collections Use

Volumes prior to the beginning of buckram bindings (1-5215) are Special Collections use only.

Volumes not printed or distributed

Add item numbers to volumes not printed (see attached, although does not appear to be up to date):

  • status = d Unavailable
  • p note = Not printed

Add item numbers for volumes that were not distributed in "slip" format to selectives, but the bound vol. was distributed to regionals:

  • status = d Unavailable
  • p note = regionals only

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