Hamilton Public Library

The Colgate University Libraries and Hamilton Public Library have entered into a Selective Housing Agreement for government publications. Hamilton Public will house, for a period of their choosing, materials of interest to their users that Colgate has determined does not support the curriculum or research of it's community, i.e. government publications aimed solely at the general public.

Colgate University's Government Documents Librarian will:
  • l look at each truck of new documents and select potential titles to be sent to Hamilton Public Library.
  • contact the director of Hamilton Public to examine selected material

Hamilton Public's Library Director will:

  • Keep a piece level list of materials received
  • check out materials to their users
  • return items when no longer needed or desired

Records for materials to be sent to Hamilton Public will be updated so that they do not display in the Colgate University library catalog:
  • bib record BCODE3=d (suppressed, but holdings not eliminated from OCLC)
  • item record status = d (not available)
  • x note in item record: at Hamilton Public Library