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MF fixed fields

Type:  a
BLvl:  s
S/L:   0 [successive title cataloging]
Desc:  a=AACR2 blank=pre AACR2 can edit only if have entire run!

Elvl:  blank=DLC; I or L acceptable
Form:  b=mfiche
Orig:  blank
SrTp:  blank=none of the following; l=updating looseleaf; p=periodical; n=newspaper;
          m=mono series (if record for series, not individual titles); d=database

Srce:  blank, A, B, C, acceptable; d=non-L.C. or affiliates
Conf:  0=not; 1=is
EntW:  up to 3, most common:
             b=bibl; l=legislation; r=directories; s=stats
Cont:  up to 3, most common:
          b=bibl; h=biography; l=legislation; r=directories; s=stats
                significant part of work; derived from variable fields in record

Gpub:  f
Freq:  a=annual; m=monthly; q=quarterly; u=unknown
Regl:  r=regular; x=irregular; n=normalized irreg (e.g. monthly except July-Aug); u=unkown
DtSt:  c=current; d=dead; u=unknown

Ctrl:  blank
Mrec:  anything OK
Dates: first and last (or 9999 if current)
               date of coverage preferred
               if issue covers more than one year, use latest named year

Lang: eng; chi, kor, por, rus, spa
         see MARC codes list for other languages
Crty: dcu (Washington, D.C.)
         see MARC codes list for other states
Alph: optional; blank OK, based upon 222