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Most changes are to choice of entry, or to description, not form of

The few changes to form of entry:

100/600/700 RDA change: More frequent use of |c identifier such as occupation to create unique heading.

100/600/700|d LC RDA practice: Use hyphen before death date, hyphen after birth date, but no "b.", "d,"; "active" replaces AACR2 "fl." and RDA "florished". The use of "active" is no longer limited to pre 20th century authors.

100/110/700/710 RDA change: addition of |e relators, e.g., |eauthor.
(This affects bibliographic records, not authorities.) This however
was not done during the test period.

110 RDA change: Spell our "Dept." (This was in AACR2 but not
applied.) Remove |k uniform title for treaty entries.

111 RDA change: Give full name of conference as on item, e.g.,
"Annual ..."

130 RDA change: "|pO.T." and "|pN.T." removed from between "Bible"
and |p name of the individual books. For the whole Old and New
Testaments, spelled out. "Qur'an" replaces "koran".

For 240 see Descriptive changes ...

7XX analytics

RDA adds |icontains (work), or |icontains (expression) before |a.
This may confuse patrons, and create split files; consider not
assigning and supression in display.


Changes in choice of entry:

100 RDA change: entry under first author, regardless of number. Cf.

110 RDA change: Treaties are entered under the first country
mentioned, regardless of number or alphabetical order; or in the case
of a treaty between one country and a group of countries, under
the one country.


Descriptive changes are more numerous:

040|beng or |bfre; RDA change: 040|erda. (LAC already uses 040|b language
of cataloguing).

240 Uniform title after 1XX

RDA change: Under AACR2 (25.9) one uses "Selections" as collective
title for three or more various works by someone; under RDA one uses
"Works. Selections". This comes into play with *two* or more works.

The order of the pieces for the uniform title "Short stories. Spanish.
Selections" is explicitly described in AACR2 (25.11). In RDA there
seems to be no similar explicit instruction. it might be "Short
stories. Selections. Spanish". Under RDA, only one language is
allowed in the |l of a uniform title--no dual languages with
ampersand, no "Polyglot" for three or more languages.


RDA change: Use square brackets only for information not found in the
item, regardless of source within the item.

RDA change: "[sic]", or bracketed additional letters, no longer used
after typos. Create 246 with corrected title spellings.

RDA change: No longer add defining word to ambiguous title, e.g.,
:|b[poems], :|b[proceedings{.

RDA change: Transcribe punctuation as found, e.g., "...", but add ISBD

245 |b

RDA change: Other title information not a core element.

245|h [gmd]

RDA change: no longer used. SEE 336-338 below.

245|c RDA change: may transcribe all authors, regardless of number,
but may transcribe fewer followed by [and # others]. In the case of a
compilation with supplied title, transcribe statements of
responsibilities after titles in 505. Transcribe degrees, titles,
"Jr.", "Rev.", "the late", etc.; but not "Dame" nor "Sir".

*There is no required correlation between authors transcribed in 245,
500, 505, 508, or 511 and traced authors, i.e. one may have untraced
authors in the description, and unjustified author added entries.*

RDA change: A noun phrase *associated* with the author is included in
|c, e.g., 245 10 |aBurr /|ca novel by Gore Vidal, but 245 10 |aBurr
:|b a novel /|cGore Vidal.

250 RDA change: transcribe rather than abbreviate, e.g., 250 |aSecond
edition. Only use abbreviations if in the item. This result in the
unacceptable to some double period after an abbreviation, e.g., "ed.."

260 RDA change: Transcribe all places of publication in repeating |a;
transcribe full names of publishers. RDA moves needed jurisdiction
to 500, as opposed to bracketed in 260|a.

Bracket adjacent element in the same field, e.g., 260 |a[S.l.

Fuller use of 250|e(|f|g) for manufacturing place, body, and date may
be seen in RDA records. This practice is not new.

RDA change: In the absence of a publication year, do not substitute
copyright year; instead of |cc2010, use |c[2010], c2010.* In the
absence of date of publication, and date of distribution or manufacturer is
known, use that date following |c, manufacturing date in |g. Name of
manufacturer need not be given if publisher is known, but not doing so
creates a strange display.

*RDA directs that the copyright sign be used, or copyright be spelled
out, rather than "c".

300 Abbreviations such as "p.", "v.", "ill.", spelled out; cm without
period considered a symbol, not an abbreviation; "in." still allowed.

New MARC fields 336-338.

When multiple terms are required, one may have either repeating fields
or repeating |a in one field, complicating programming.

336 Content type

337 Media type

338 Carrier type

490|v RDA change: Transcribe as found rather than abbreviate, e.g.,
|vvolume ...

502 Thesis note |aThesis or Dissertation |bDegree |cInstitution |dyear

504 Bibliography and index note

RDA change my or may not be implemented: 500 |aIncludes index.
and 504 |aBibliography: pages 100-109. replacing 504 |aIncludes
bibliographic references (pages 100-109) and index.

588 MARBI change: Source of description if outside item.

600 RDA change: Includes all personal names, e.g., fictitious
persons, God.

630 see 130

650 cf. 600

700 RDA change: *May* trace all authors as opposed to only 2nd and
3rd, but only first, translator of poety, illustrator of children's
material required. The |erelation designator was not assigned during
the test period.

710 see 110.