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Note order

Order of note fields

1.7B1. Nature, scope, or artistic form (500)

1.7B2. Language of the item and/or translation or adaptation
Spanish version of: Brushing away tooth decay

1.7B3. Source of title proper (If not title page) (500)
Title from container

1.7B4. Variations in title
Make notes on titles by which a bibliographic resource is commonly known or on titles borne by the resource other than the title proper if considered to be important and insufficiently covered by 246 indicators of other entry point.
Known as: Grove's dictionary of music and musicians

1.7B5. Parallel titles and other title information
Title on container: The four seasons

1.7B6. Statements of responsibility
Inspired by themes from the music of George Butterworth

1.7B7 Edition and history (580)
Continues: Monthly Scottish news bulletin
Rev. ed. of: The portable Dorothy Parker

1.7B8. Material (or type of publication) specific details
Scale of original: ca. 1:6,000
Vol. numbering irregular

1.7B9. Publication, distribution, etc.
Distributed in the U.K. by: EAV Ltd.
Began publication in 1984; ceased in 1993

1.7B10. Physical description
Printed area measures 30 × 46 cm.
Magnetic sound track

1.7B11. Accompanying material and supplements
Set includes booklet: New mathematics guide. 16 p.

1.7B12. Series
Originally issued in the series: Our world of today
Pts. 1 and 2 in series: African perspective. Pts. 3 and 4 in series: Third World series.

1.7B13. Dissertations

1.7B14. Audience
Intended audience: Elementary grades

1.7B15. Reference to published descriptions
References: HR6471; GW9101; Goff D-403

1.7B16. Other formats
Give the details of other formats in which the content of the item has been issued.
Issued also on cassette and cartridge tapes
For details of other formats available in the library, see 1.7B20.

1.7B17. Summary (520)

1.7B18. Contents
             (504) Bibliographies
             (505) TOC

1.7B19. Numbers associated with the item (other than those covered in 1.8)
Warner Bros.: K56151

1.7B20. Copy being described, library’s holdings, and restrictions on use
Give important descriptive details of the particular copy being described.
Ms. notes by author on endpapers
Give details of the library’s holdings of a multipart item if those holdings are incomplete
Library has v. 1, 3-5, and 7
Indicate any restrictions on the use of the item
Accessible after 2010
For graduate students only

1.7B21. “With” notes
If the title and statement of responsibility area contains a title that applies to only a part of an item lacking a collective title and, therefore, more than one description is made (see 1.1G2), make a note beginning With: and listing the other separately titled works in the item in the order in which they appear.
With: Candles at night / Alexandra Napier

b Combined notes relating to the original

In making a note relating to an original, combine the data into a single note (see 1.7A4, 1.11F, and 11.7B22).
Facsim. of: A classification and subject index for cataloguing and arranging the books and pamphlets of a library. Amherst, Mass. : [s.n.], 1876 (Hartford, Conn. : Case, Lockwood & Brainard). 44 p. ; 25 cm.

1.7B23. Item described.
For serials, integrating resources, and multipart items, if the description is not based on the first issue, part, or iteration, identify the issue, part, or iteration used as the basis of the description (see also 12.7B23).
Description based on: Pt. 2, published 1998
Latest issue consulted: 1999/10
533, 539 (also online)  after all notes referring to the original

For remote access resources, always give the date on which the resource was viewed for description.