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Print fixed fields

Type:	a
BLvl: m
Desc: a=AACR2; blank=edit punctuation and change to a

Elvl: blank=DLC, I or L acceptable
Form: blank=print; r=reproduction (photocopy)
Cont: up to 3, most common:
b=bibl; h=biography; l=legislation; r=directories; s=stats
significant part of work; derived from variable fields in record
Ills: up to 4, most common:
a=illus; b=maps; o=photos; k=forms
matches 300 field

Srce: blank, A, B, C, acceptable; d=non-L.C. or affiliates
Conf: 0=not; 1=is
GPub: f
Fest: 0=not; 1=is

Audn: optional; blank OK
Biog: blank=none
Fict: 0=not
DtSt: s=monographs; m=multi-part monographs

Ctrl: blank
Mrec: anything OK
Index: 0=none; 1=present (self-index)
Dates: year

Lang: eng; chi, kor, por, rus, spa
see MARC codes list for other languages
Crty: dcu (Washington, D.C.)
see MARC codes list for other states