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Print variable fields

040 prefer DLC, GPO
041 0b Language code (not a translation): eng
041 1b Language code (translation) most common:
spa, chi, kor, por, rus (see MARC codes list for others)
043 Geog. Area Code: if 6xx field has |zgeographic area
up to three, most common (see MARC codes for others):
U.S.: n-us---
states: n-us-ny
049 VVCG
074 item number (check Andriot or Mondo or DDM)
086 0b SuDocs number
100 1b Personal author: Single surname, First name
100 2b Personal author: Multiple surname, First name
110 1b Corp. author, jurisdiction order
e.g.: United States. Congress. House. etc.
110 2b Corp. author, direct order
e.g.: Executive Council on Integrity and Efficiency (U.S.)
245 0n Title main entry :|bsub-title /|cremainder of page
245 1n Title added entry :|bsub-title /|cremainder of page
246 30 Portion of title
246 34 Cover title
246 3b |iAt head of title :|atitle
246 3b alternate forms of punctuation (e.g. and - &)
260 Place :|bpublisher,|cdate
e.g.: Washington, D.C. :|bU.S. G.P.O.,|c2002
300 n p. :|bmaps, illus. ;|cheight +|eaccompanying material
300 n v. :|bmaps, illus. ;|cheight +|eaccompanying material
440 bn series title|v#
title on piece is established form (matches authority record)
490 1b series title|v#
on piece not established form (use in combo with 830)
500 source of title if not title page (e.g. Title from cover)
504 Includes bibliographical references
505 1b incomplete; entire contents not in hand
505 0b complete
505 2b partial; only selected parts listed
505 format examples
500 unique identifying codes/dates on “title page” or cover
500 shipping list note
520 summary example
530 Additional physical format
Use only for CDs if we own or for online. Use with 776 1b.
Format when PURL in 856 (dual format record):
Also available online via Education Dept website. Address as of
12/5/2002: ; current access via PURL
580 Linking complexity. Use with 787 1b.
610 10 Corporate name subject heading, jurisdiction order
e.g.: United States. Congress. House. etc.
610 20 Corporate name subject heading, direct order
e.g.: Executive Council on Integrity and Efficiency (U.S.)
650 b0 Topical subject heading
651 b0 Geographic subject heading
700 1b Added entry personal name (last, first)
710 1b Added entry corporate name jurisdiction order
710 2b Added entry corporate name direct order
740 n? Uncontrolled analytic (not existing bib record)
776 0b For paper: |cOriginal|w(OCoLC)#
776 1b For online/CD: from related bib record: |aauthor|ttitle or |suniform title; |w(OCoLC)#
787 1b Non-specific relationship (needs 580)
787 0b Non-specific relationship (no 580)
830 bn Series title|v#
authorized form of series for use with 490 series statement