Pam binding

Discontinued after move into the building. Large numbers of pam-bound hearings on long shelves caused shelving problems similar to 3-ring binders.

  • Remove staples
  • Clip hearing to boards at bottom
  • Sew:
    • Middle, inside out
    • Bottom, outside in
    • Top, inside out
    • Middle, outside in
    • Tie original ends to new ends in square knot
  • Relabel, strip, barcode (if necessary)

Align pamphlet inside binder. Check for fit. Trim binder if needed. There should be some space between edge of pamphlet and edge of binder on the 3 open sides. Align evenly top to bottom. If necessary, more space can be left at the top.

Remove staples from pamphlet - work carefully. The flat archival staple removes are better than the ones with teeth.

Open binder and pamphlet to center. Use large binder clips to hold the materials in place and the pamphlet open correctly. Line up carefully, making sure that the pamphlet fits snugly into the crease of the binder.

If the paper is new or the pamphlet is thick, it may be helpful to use an awl to mark the sewing holes. Make a hole at the midline of the folded spine of the pamphlet, going through both the folded spine of the pamphlet and the crease of the binder. Make holes about one inch from the top and once inch from the bottom, going through both the pamphlet and the binder. You can use old stapler holes if they are in the right spots and are not overly large or ripped (from removing the staples).

You can use an endsheet (archival paper?) to wrap the pamphlet. This is useful if the outer pages are ripped or fragile, or if the booklet will be getting heavy use. Ripped spines on the outer and middle pages, a common thing in pamphlets, should be mended with archival repair tape on both the inside and the outside. No scotch tape. A cloth spine strip can be glued to the endsheet before sewing if an even stronger result is desired.

Thread needle. Length of thread = 4 times the height of the pamphlet plus a few inches. Knot the end with a double knot or bigger.

Sew through pamphlet and binder from the inside. Start at the center. Draw thread through, leaving about an inch of thread and the knot inside, and sew in at top approximately 1 inch from the top of the pamphlet. Draw thread through and draw out approximately 1 inch from the bottom of the pamphlet. Pull needle and thread through. Sew in through outside right in the center through the same hole you used coming out in your first stitch. Pull the stitching tight, and straighten tangles. If you pull your needle end out on one side of center thread and your knotted end on the other, it will be easy to tie a good double know with the two double threads. Tie the knotted end and the needle end together, over and around the length of thread running down the center. Cut ends of both threads, leaving about ½ to ¾ inch of thread. The new know should be tight in the seam of the book.

  • Gaylord binders
  • heavy linen thread 18/3
  • #1 needles
  • flat archival staple removers
  • archival repair tape (film o plast)