Binding and Conservation

Titles to commercial bindery
Upon arrival:
  • PR #:  Economic Report to the President
  • PREX 2.8:  Budget of the United States
  • PREX 2.8/5:  Budget of the United States Analytical perspectives
  • PREX 2.8/8:  Budget of the United States Historical tables
As table of contents arrive:
  • Serial Set
End of year:
  • Check any titles that have circulated more than 4 times, with an intact text block, but covers in poor condition. Consult with Conservation Lab
    • Documents that are bound: insert x note: bound
    • Documents that will never be bound, but have circulated more than 4 times: insert x note: do not bind
  • Decennial census volumes (completed summer 2014)

Titles that are in-house bound by Conservation Lab

Final committee calendars Put on hold

Titles that are paperback stiffened (send to Conservation Lab)

Hearings that have covers and are less than 1.75” thick.
1 book  truck shelf at a time
See projects list in FY spreadsheet for which committee hearings to do.

Titles to Pamphlet Bind: 

Hearings that are folded and stapled through fold. Put on hold

Conservation Lab is consulted on documents needing preservation/conservation work, but that do not fall into the above categories.