Colgate GIS data sources (GEOG 245)

National Data Clearinghouses

Federal Geographic Data Committee

Geospatial One-stop

The National Map Viewer (USGS) - Orthophoto, elevation, digital raster graphic, and many more
Earth Explorer - Several types of data

National Atlas - Environmental, demographic, transportation, boundary raw data used for

GIS Data Depot - U.S. and some international geospatial data (Requires login) 

Starting the Hunt - By U.S. state. Includes links to attribute data as well as geospatial data

National Historical GIS - Historical U.S. Census data (1790-2000)

Census 2000 TIGER/Line Data - From ESRI

Census Bureau Maps - U.S. Census Bureau. Includes up-to-date boundary files

Regional and Local Area

New York GIS Data Clearinghouse

Colgate University Environmental Resource Database (CUERD)

Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository (CUGIR)

By Agency

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Bureau of Economic Analysis

National Park Service

Fish and Wildlife Service

US Department of Agriculture (Census of Agriculture)

U.S. Census Bureau

International data

CloudMade - Detailed political boundary maps of countries and many more. 

Historical GIS clearing house - List of many external, international GIS data sources.

Free spatial data from DIVA-GIS

LandScan by Oak Ridge National Lab - Global population distribution data

Natural Earth - Public domain map dataset available at 1:10m, 1:50m, and 1:110 million scales

Useful Links

Stanford University: Websites for Digital GIS data - Links to many useful GIS data sites

How to find coordinates on Google Maps 1 - Short Java script method

How to find coordinates on Google Maps 2 - Google Maps Add-on

GIS Job Clearinghouse

NYS GIS Association


Originally developed for GEOG245: Geographic Information Systems, Department of Geography, Colgate University, Hamilton, New York