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Harvey Picker Professor of International Relations
Director, Program in International Relations

 Tel: 1-315-228-7259 /  Fax: 1-315-228-7883 /  Email: fchernoff@colgate.edu

   Research Interests

    International Relations Theory

     Security Studies

     Nuclear Proliferation and Counter-proliferation

     Philosophy of Social Science



    A.B. (Philosophy) Rutgers University, Camden

     M.A. (International Relations) Yale University

     M.Phil. (Political Science) Yale University

     Ph.D. (Philosophy) The Johns Hopkins University

                                                              Ph.D. (Political Science) Yale University

                       Explanation and Progress in Security Studies (Stanford University Press, 2014)
 Theory and Metatheory in International Relations (New York: Palgrave, 2007)
                      Farsi Language edition
                      Alireza Tayeb, trans. (Teheran: Nashr-e Ney, 2009)   http://www.ibna.ir/vdceof8n.jh8evik1bj.html

 The Power of International Theory (London: Routledge 2005)


 After Bipolarity (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan, 1995)
 Arms Control and the Arms Race, coedited with Bruce Russett- (San Francisco: Freeman 1985)

Journal Articles and Book Chapters 

"Causal Argument in IR: Regularity, Singular Cause, and Inefficient Cause." Qualitative and Multi-Method Research v. 12 n. 2 (2014).


"Science Progress and Pluralism in the Study of International Relations," Millennium: Journal of International Studiesv. 42, n. 2 (2013): 436-66.

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"Fundamental Deterrence and Mutual Security Beyond START." Coauthored with Jan Kalicki

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        Reprinted in Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: Critical Assessments Volume 3, Philosophy

        of Science, Logic, and Language.  Edited by Roger S. Woolhouse (London and New York:

        Routledge, 1994).



"The Obstinance of Evil," Mind v. 89 n. 354 (April 1980).



"Goldman on Epistemic Conjunction," Analysis v.30 n. 1 (January 1980).


Academic Appointments


Colgate University, Harvey Picker Professor of International Relations 2007-present

                                          Department of Political Science 1986-present

                                          Chair, Department of Political Science 2009-11

Yale University, Visiting Professor of Political Science Spring 2009

Brown University, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science

Wesleyan University, Visiting Assistant Professor of Government, Autumn 1984

Yale University Acting Instructor, 1985

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Visiting Instructor, Spring 1979


Research Appointments


Watson Institute, Brown University

Norwegian Institute of International Affairs

Rand Corporation

International Institute of Strategic Studies



International Studies Association

American Political Science Association

Kaiser Fraser Owners Club

Colgate University Club Baseball Team

International Jack Benny Fan Club

Empire United Fencing Club


Interests: Agility training with partner, Monty the Dog


                                                                  (Monty's Full competition record below)







Below is Monty's full agility record to date, preceded by photographs of his cousin Festiniog Say Goodnight Gracie, his uncle Royal Mark Patrick and his aunt, Royal Mark Lady Lydia



Gracie Starts Her Training 

A Patriotic Moment as Gracie Celebrates the Fourth
Monty assists in lecture                                              Gracie "bones" up on her Einstein
Royal Mark Patrick...                  Known in Hip-Hop circles as "Da Grand Bunnymaster P"
His sister, Royal Mark Lydia

  MiaMaria, helpful as always, at the editing desk

               Monty practicing doing what he does best                                           The "Red Rocket"
                                                                                                   Below: Monty flies to a second place finish*
     Below: Monty's First Course Completion                                             (later revoked)

        Susque Nango 26 August 2006                                                 Mayflower 12 June 2007 


 *Qualification and second place revoked -- a travesty of justice -- because Monty was entered in a

HIGHER jump height class than he should have been... the AKC changed the height class for dogs his size

since his previous competition.  He ran a course with bars higher than he should have, based on the new rules.

 Below: We display Monty's prize*                            Below: Monty basks in his Second Place ribbon*
 Above: Monty shows them all the stuff he's made of  in          Monty finishes second, with a "clean run" -- no faults

his very next trial after his trauma of the revoked ribbons      at the largest AKC event of the year.

--- with a first place finish and a perfect run (score =100) ,

5 August 2007 at the Central New York Shetland

Sheepdog Club Trials.  It was the fastest time in his class

or the next class above him.

                      Complete agility trials record of Royal Mark Montmorency J Littledog, JNP  


      DATE           CLUB        Time  
14 June 2006 Mayflower Welsh Corgi Club  Did not complete course    
26 August 2006  Susque Nango Kennel Club Two refusals  61 seconds  
12 June 2007 Mayflower Corgi Club  Two refusals  45 seconds Qualifying Run / 2d Place*
4 August 2007 Central New York Shetland Sheep Dog Club NQ did not qualify   NQ
5 August 2007 Central New York Shetland Sheep Dog Club  clean run 36 seconds  Qualifying Run/First Place!
24 Sept 2007 PWCCA  two faults   NQ
25 Sept 2007 PWCCA  fault   NQ
2 Nov 2007  Southern Adirondack Dog Agility Club --  W, R 56 seconds Non AKC event
23 Nov 2007 Talcott Mountain Agility Club  did not complete course     NT
24 Nov 2007 Berkshire Belgian Tervuren Club  clean run 37.10 seconds Second Place,       Qualifying run
30 Feb 2008  Delaware Cty Kennel Club      NQ
1 March 2008  Delaware Cty Kennel Club  clean run 39.5 seconds Qualifying Run              First Place              Title: Novice Jumpers Preferred
 9 June 2008 Mayflower Welsh Corgi Club   Fault - Missed final jump   NQ
10 June 2008 Mayflower Welsh Corgi Club  Monty elects not to run the course - 95 degree heat   NQ
28 February 2009 Southern Adirondack Agility Club Monty completes course   NQ
1 March 2009 Southern Adirondack Agility Club Incomplete   NQ
25 April 2009 Mid Hudson Kennel Ass'n Completes 6 Obstacles   NQ
10 June 2009 Mayflower Welsh Corgi Club Incomplete  R R F NQ