Symposium Overview

From April 4th-6th, 2013, Colgate University will host an interdisciplinary symposium focused on the performing body in the Hollywood film musical.  The symposium, which will include a series of scholarly talks, film screenings, roundtables, and discussions, aims to bring together scholars from the fields of film studies, musicology and music theory, dance, and theater, to share research and engage in an exchange of ideas about disciplinary methodologies and scholarly approaches to the genre.  Particular attention will be devoted to consideration of the ways in which the film musical employs the performing bodies of the cast and crew to reflect and shape political, cultural, and artistic ideologies at various moments.  How do song and dance animate and define bodies onscreen?  How does these sorts of onscreen performances differ from those bodily performances that remain invisible to audiences – those of crew members, sideline and film orchestra musicians, vocal and dance doubles, and so on?  How might we understand the politics of visible and invisible bodily labor and production?  When and why are performing bodies marked in terms of gender, race, class, sexuality, and when do these bodies remain unmarked? In what ways are these bodies regulated, and to what extent are they permitted to regulate themselves?  To what extent do these various modes of performance reflect – and conversely, influence – contemporary production practices?   

Please register for the symposium using the link at the left by April 1, 2013.