Using Bridgeman

Access Bridgeman Education Image Collection by going to If you are on campus or connected to Colgate's VPN, you should see that you are logged in as Colgate University.

Next, simply do a keyword search in the search box.

You should find a number of results to browse through. Simply click on the thumbnail of one you are interested in and you'll be taken to the record for that image.

Right-click on the image (or hold down the Control key and click if you are using a Mac) and save the image to your computer.

The images available for download are only 600 pixels on the longest side. These are large enough to add to a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation and you can add them to the My Images section of MDID. However, we will not be officially accessioning images of this size into our Art & Art History Visual Resources Collection in MDID.

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Download a PDF of these steps below.
Aug 22, 2011, 10:56 AM