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Download Photoshop Actions

The following actions are included in a set called 'Resizing for Profs' which can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.
  • Large size for MDID/ARTstor Upload
    • Fits an image within 4096x3072 pixels
  • One per slide
    • Fits an image within 1000x750 pixels
  • Half slide horizontally orien.
    • Fits an image within 1000x360 pixels
  • Half slide vertically orien.
    • Fits an image within 500x750 pixels
  • Quarter slide
    • Fits an image within 500x360 pixels
See Loading Photoshop Actions for step by step instructions on how to load these actions into your Photoshop actions palette.
Why these sizes for resizing images?
See our Theory of Using Digital Images slideshow.

How do I manually resize images?
See our Resizing in Photoshop guidelines.
Jesse Henderson,
Sep 1, 2009, 11:36 AM