2012-2013 Ambassadors

These are the ALANA Cultural Center ambassadors for the year

coco vonnegut

Coco Vonnegut '13

Hello! My name is Coco and I’m from Narragansett, Rhode Island. I’m going into Senior year as a double major in South Asian Studies and Studio Art. After graduation, I’m hoping to spend some time in India and to get my PhD in South Asian Studies (with a focus on visual culture). This is my first year as a part of the Ambassador team. Over the course of the year I’m hoping to have thought-provoking discussions about multiculturalism, to plan some creative events, and to attract the wider Colgate and Hamilton communities to ALANA. Most of all, I want to help people feel comfortable getting to know cultures apart from their own. When not tending to my ambassadorial duties, you’ll find me fulfilling my role as President of the student-run theater group on campus, Masque and Triangle, writing my thesis on pre-1947 printed imagery in India, painting at the Schupf studio, or attending one of Colgate’s many religious events (there are always too many to choose from)! I love to talk culture, politics, religion, and art - so swing by and let’s chat. Or better yet, come by and teach me something new, I’ll have my pencil at the ready!

James Speight '14

Hello my name is James Speight. I am a Junior at Colgate from Washington DC, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric. In addition to being an Ambassador, I am involved with many student clubs and organizations on campus including: the Colgate 13, Student Affairs Board, and Club Rugby. Last year as an ALANA Ambassador I felt that I was able to utilize my talents and connections to promote ALANA’s mission on campus, as the center has provided me with another facet in which to spread cultural knowledge, awareness, and unity across traditional boundaries. Make sure to come to ALANA’s Events throughout the year, you will enjoy yourself and maybe learn something new while you’re there.

Katherine Kollitides '13

Hello! My name is Katherine, but most people call me Kat. I’m an English major and come from Long Island, NY. This is my fourth as an Ambassador, and ALANA has truly become my second home. On campus, I’m a Housing Liaison for La Casa, a WRCU DJ, and a Benton Scholar. I’m also involved with Democracy Matters and Oxfam. I love to travel and experience new cultures, and one day I hope to backpack across South America. I’m eager to make my final year as an Ambassador amazing and plan some great multicultural events. Feel free to stop by ALANA and say hi anytime!

Dezhi Yu '15 (Danny)

I'm Dezhi Yu from Shenyang, China and I go by Danny here at Colgate. As a rising sophomore who is interested in International Relations and German, I have been actively involved with many clubs and events on campus since Fall, 2011. My previous experience as an exchange student in Germany and my current life as an international student at Colgate helped me understand the importance of connecting people from different cultural backgrounds. Although this is my first time serving as an ALANA Ambassador, I am dedicated to living up to what ALANA stands for. I'm very excited about this coming year, and hope to see you.

Shariar Rahman '13

’m a senior from Bangladesh and I’m majoring in Physics here at ‘Gate. In addition to working at ALANA I am involved with multiple student organizations on campus including the South Asian Cultural Club, the Physics Clubs, Colgate Ballroom Dancers and my favorite, Walfpack. Being an international student, I believe I can honestly say that I have found Colgate to be very warm and welcoming to students of different cultures and backgrounds and I know that I have greatly enjoyed the amalgamation that both me and my friends here at Colgate have partaken in. However, I believe that the future seniors at Colgate would be greatly benefitted if there was a more solid platform off of which they could begin “culture-sharing” – a better start off point. And so as an ALANA ambassador, that is what I will try to realize. I am really pumped and I hope to see you all on campus.

 Andrew Prieto' 14

 Hey, my name is Andrew Prieto and I am a sophomore at Colgate University. I am from Phoenix, Arizona and am double majoring in Spanish  
 and Political Science. Both of my parents were born in Mexico, and I am proud and passionate about my culture. I hope to make Colgate  
 students more knowledgable about other cultures, and prideful in theirs, as I am of my own. Others groups on campus that I am involved in
 include: Track and Field, Brothers, and Student Government Association Senator. This is my first year as an ALANA ambassador and I look
 forward to help establish ALANA's mission, and through the help of the other ambassadors, hopefully, create new and positive experiences on
 campus. I look forward to the prospect of working with Colgate students, in achieving our goals for a better, happier campus.

 Aja Isler '15

 Hello! I am Aja Isler from Rochester, NY and currently a sophomore. I plan on majoring in Mathematics and getting a teaching certificate. I take 
 part in many groups on campus such as the Colgate Christian Fellowship, University Church, and the Black Student Union. I have always been a
 firm believer that diversity and the understanding of other cultures can only better a person and their views on the world. I am so excited to be  
 working as an Ambassador of ALANA and I can't wait to further the discussion of multi-culturalism on campus. Be sure to stop by and say hi!

Laura Avram (Lorelai) ’16

Hello! I am Lorelai, and I am from Romania. Despite the fact that I have only been on campus for a few weeks, I am really happy to be here, and I hope to be able to contribute to others’ positive experiences as well. As an Ambassador, I want to promote interesting aspects and practices of different civilizations (I am especially passionate about Indian and Arabic civilizations) and improve the dialogue between international and domestic students at Colgate. Even though right now I could say that there are a million of things I want to study, and get involved with while at Colgate, I am most passionate about debate, writing, theater and Student Government. I also cannot wait for my first event as an ALANA Ambassador!


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