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Epson Poster Printer

Backup Printing Options

  • Document Services has offered to be our backup printing location in case of emergency - staff should contact Mike Holobosky
    • They also are an emergency source for paper - we borrow a roll occasionally and replace it when our order arrives
    • Never tested, but they normally use a PDF workflow that should work for us
  • (New 2014-May) Psychology is backup resource for Libraries/ITS - staff should contact contact Debbie Linneman
    • Same printer (new as of 2014-May) - slightly different 
    • Connected USB to Windows workstation
    • PPTX workflow (PPTX or PDF printing) from Acrobat (Windows)
    • Paper glossy photo (no matte)

Poster Printing

    • Phone DLMC Ext 6447 
    • OS 10.7.5
    • Details 
      • Hardware Overview- Model Name: iMac   Identifier: iMac12,1 Processor: Intel Core i5 Speed: 2.5 GHz Processors: 1 Cores: 4 Memory: 4 GB

  • IP - Media/classroom VLAN (was once

Monthly Checklist

  • Check paper supply (supply closet)
  • Check ink cartridge supply (supply closet)
  • Check ink levels (printer)
  • Check maintenance level (printer)



On-line Inventory: 


Primary storage for all printer materials is the DLMC storage room (accessible by all poster-printing and all DLMC staff). Only a couple of rolls of paper will be stored there.

Overflow storage for printer paper is currently Case-Geyer 460 (accessible by Denise Sheeley, Dan Wheeler, and ITS media support staff only).


Denise Sheeley ITS has been doing all the ordering for this printer; she should be notified when we are getting low on supplies (not when we are out, hopefully!). To ensure that she does not miss an e-mail, we recommend sending any ordering requests (copy the orange section below and paste into your e-mail message) to: cc:  Posters@Colgate.Edu


  • (Standard) Doubleweight Matte Epson Professional Media S041387 (44"x82') (In Stock ___ Order ___ )
  • (Special only, photo quality) Premium Luster Photo Paper S042083 (44"x100') (In Stock ___ Order ___ )
Maintenance Tank

C12C890191 Epson Ink Maintenance Tank  (Order ___ )

Epson Cutter Blade

C12C815291 Epson Cutter Blade (Order ___ )