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Submitting a Poster

Although there are many ways to get a poster to us (e.g., flash/USB/thumb drive, CD/DVD, e-mail attachment) we prefer that you upload it to your Google Drive (or Google Docs*) and share it with us (the Poster Group - Posters@Colgate.Edu). 

Note: If your whole class has a poster project this is not likely how you will submit it. Check with your professor before submitting using these instructions. 

Share your Poster using Google Drive (was Docs)

  1. Notify us 
    • If you have not already done so, let us know the details of your poster request using our web form
  2. Name your document so we can keep track of it. Include your username and course or professor and part of the title (e.g., DWheeler-PHYS100-MarsPhotos.PPT). (You can also  rename it later in Google Drive).
  3. Check any PDF version to ensure that it contains your entire poster!  Even if you want to submit a PDF we suggest that you also submit the source document (e.g., PPT or AI or TIFF).
  4. Login to your Colgate Gmail account (
  5. Upload your document(s) to Google Drive
    • Open your Drive/Docs (link at top of page)
      • Select Upload (icon next to Create)
      •  Files...
      • Do NOT Convert documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and drawings to the corresponding Google Docs format
  6. Share the Google Drive document(s) with Posters@Colgate.Edu
    • Open the document (or skip directly to sharing by right-clicking on the doc)
      • Do not worry about the detailed appearance. Google Drive can't display all the details of a PowerPoint presentation or other content but does the best it can. 
    • File menu
      • Share
        • Add people...
          • Posters@Colgate.Edu
          • Can view
          • Send message


* Google Docs is changing to Google Drive, which you may or may not be already using. They are very similar.

Uploading to Google Drive


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