Spring 2009 - Prof Margaret Wehrer - SOAN 102 Introduction to Anthropology


"For your final project, you will investigate WHY a cultural community engages in a particular practice, belief, or behavior. Using anthropological resources, you will answer a puzzle about human behavior that may at first seem strange, irrational, unjust or immoral."

Project Posters

SOAN 102 Poster Project Map

Why present your SOAN 102 research findings in a poster rather than traditional 10-12 page paper?

  • Traditional papers are likely to be read by the professor and then put in a drawer. Posters are more accessible to the general audience. This format is easier to read and digest, and is more likely to get your message across.
  • Posters are an accepted format for the scholarly dissemination of knowledge.
  • Producing a poster forces you to distill and summarize your main idea. You can’t hide behind a barrage of words, but must make a bold, clear statement of your point.
  • Making a poster develops your skill in presenting material visually: thinking about layout, color, graphics, etc.
  • Presenting your ideas visually is a skill you will need in any career.

Posters presented with permission of the authors for academic purposes only
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A Byrne -
Repressed Female Sexuality in Indonesia ##

A Levesanos -

Hijras  ##