PDF Instructions - Windows

Note: Many course projects do not require a PDF (only PPTX is required). Check your assignment instructions before submitting a PDF.

Step 2: Creating a PDF from your PowerPoint Poster 

To create a PDF you can use the PowerPoint Save As... option to save in PDF format (available with Office 2007 and later versions)

  • Menu File | Save as...  
    • Select Save as type PDF
  • Ensure that the saved PDF displays all of your poster before you submit (if not, check the sizes specified in your PowerPoint Page Setup

Step 2: Creating a PDF from your PowerPoint Poster (PrimoPDF)

To print your PowerPoint poster it must first be converted to a PDF. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat pro or standard, you can use PrimoPDF, which is a free PDF converter installed in Colgate public labs (you can download your own copy here).
  • In PowerPoint select "Print Preview" from the "Quick Access Toolbar" and the select "Print" (in Office 2003 select "File" and then "Print")
    • In the "Name" drop-down list, select "PrimoPDF" instead of the name of a printer.
    • Click the "Properties" button, then click on "Advanced"
    • Change the Paper Size to: "PostScript Custom Page Size"
    • Set width and height to same dimensions as your Powerpoint slide, e.g., 35" x 43" and click "OK"
    • If your poster is not completely displayed you may need to return and reverse the width and height above
    • Click "OK" on the open boxes and return to main Print box.
    • Click "OK"
  • A PrimoPDF dialog box will pop up.
    • Select the "Print" option (default is "Screen")
    • Change the file save location to your personal storage device, e.g., your network storage or flash drive
    • Click "Create PDF"
    • Adobe Reader will normall open the PDF of your poster
    • Ensure that the poster PDF is complete before submitting