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Visit our Library Blog to find out more about current happenings in our library space! Discover our Makerspace, Hour of Code activities, and this year's Vermont Children's Choice Red Clover reading program!

Vermont's Reading is an Investment Program!
Students can complete a reading log and be entered into a drawing for a $250 college savings plan account!
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 The Porters Point  School would like to  share our sincere  thanks and  appreciation  to everyone who  participated in our  bookfair! 

Welcome to our Library!

   Our Mission
             Think, Create, Share, Grow
     The mission of CSD libraries is to create inviting 
     learning environments that inspire and honor 
     curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. In 
     partnership with students and staff, we support 
     and recognize reading as the foundation for                           students to become skilled in multiple literacies. 
    We strive to ensure that students become successful             lifelong learners.

     "The library is where I go to launch myself 
     and fly. I swoop and loop above the 
     earth a thousand stories high."
              Ted Scheu, the poetry guy

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