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How We Work

The program is made known through flyers at Doctor's offices, the Social Workers and Guidance Councilors at all the Colchester Schools, the Colchester Food Shelf, as well as an article in the Colchester Sun. All of these give people the number to call if interested in participating. The calls are all kept confidential, and are handled by only the administrator of the program.

We get most of our food from the Vermont Food Bank in Barre, VT. It is the most cost effective way to obtain the food necessary for the number of children we help feed. An exception, is that fresh produce must be purchased locally or donated. Food donations are accepted during the months of June, July, and August.

Each Tuesday morning, all summer long, our volunteers gather to sort food supplies into bags. Each bag contains enough food for the number of children at a given household to eat lunch for five days. We strive to provide a variety of fresh, canned, and boxed food each week. We also try to provide daily snack for the children in the deliveries as well. We arrange the delivery routes that are carried out by the same volunteers each week. The bags are driven to households or other pre-arranged sites, anonymous of name, financial, and social status. We feel that this is the best way to respect the families and encourage others in need to come forward. Once there, the food can be prepared by the parents, caregivers, or even by older children. 

Our expenses total approximately $2500.00 for the entire program for all 10 weeks of summer vacation. The cost per lunch comes to less than $.80 per meal. We are proud to provide such an efficient service.