ErgoAI Examples Bank

Nothing works better than "Programming by Example."  In recognition of this fact, we created an example bank where users can find runnable, annotated examples that illustrate the various advanced features of ErgoAI.  This is a living document and more categories of examples will be added. Suggestions from users on how to improve the examples or what additional examples would be of interest as well as user-contributed examples are welcome!  Please email us at with your thoughts and ideas. The examples could be both of the HOWTO type as well as domain-specific (e.g., e-commerce, e-learning).

The following categories of examples are currently available. Each link, below, points to a folder that contains an 'About' document and the example files themselves.The 'About' document in each folder is a guide to that folder's examples and includes additional information on how to run them on your system. Please read this document before trying out the examples.   Each example includes both data and rules and are generously commented for ease of use. 


  • Connecting Ergo to SQL databases.  Shows how to connect to different SQL data bases, populate them from external sources, and issue distributed queries.
  • Python to Ergo interface. An example of querying Ergo knowledge bases from Python.
  • Java to Ergo interface. How to get Java to talk to Ergo.
  • Defeasible reasoning.  Illustrates the use of defeasible reasoning in Ergo.
  • RDF and OWL.  Examples illustrating import of RDF and OWL statements into Ergo.
  • Querying SPARQL endpoints.  Examples of querying various SPARQL endpoints and processing the results in Ergo in non-trivial ways.
  • Importing tabular data.  A howto on importing comma-separated (csv), tab-separated (tsv), and more general delimiter-separated (dsv) data.
  • Importing XML. A howto on importing XML data into Ergo. 
  • Working with JSON.  Examples of importing, exporting, and working with JSON data.
  • Doing input and output as a pro.  Examples showing how to read data from files, write out to files, and more -- without pain!
  • ErgoText and Federal Regulation W.  A real world example capturing part of the rules in the U.S. Federal banking regulation known as Regulation W. The information in the regulation is captured via a predefined corpus of English phrases pertaining to the banking domain. Conclusions made based on Regulation W can be explained in English using the same corpus.