Mr. Damewood's Class Example Site

Welcome to this site. This site is built as an example of some of the things that can be done with Google Sites. A Google Site will tie all of your information together and is able to keep all of your classroom resources in one place. There are many other things that you can do with a site. Use Google search to find many other ways that a Google site can be used. 

I suggest before you get started, think about what you want the site to do and what pages that you will need. Hint: Before you create a link, you have to have somewhere to link to! Also there is so many resources on Google sites on the web. Just Google - Google Sites and you will find plenty of sites.

To find these settings, you will see the menu that I have below in the upper right of your screen when you go to a site page and logged into your account. The Pencil Icon is to edit the actual page that you are on, the Page+ icon is to add a new page, by clicking the More button, you get many options of how to set up your pages. For a description of the More menu, click here. 

Using the More button and going  to the Site Layout options options I have done the following:
For this Main page I have done the following:
Disabled Header section
Enable Sidebar Navigation
Enable Horizontal Navigation
and for both have unchecked Automatic
Link to Subpages has been turned off.

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