Writing Fellows Program

In the fall of 2007, the Coe Writing Center and Coe's Writing Across the Curriculum Program designed a new program aimed at providing more in-depth Writing Center assistance to Coe's first-year population. The Writing Fellow Program pairs a Writing Center consultant team with each of the participating First Year Seminar (FYS) classes. The Writing Fellows work with FYS professors designing writing assignments, hold workshops, attend some FYS class sessions, read the class' assigned texts, and meet with their first-year students on a weekly basis.

The expectation is that Writing Fellows will have a greater understanding of the class and assignments as well as a greater rapport with their students, allowing the first-years to be more comfortable conferencing with their Writing Fellows, and hopefully more comfortable with the Writing Center in general.

One great advantage of having a Writing Fellow Program is the opportunity to work closely with a small group of students over the entire semester. A recurrent frustration is that consultants only see a writer in one session and it's difficult to know what impact their questions/suggestions may have had. As a Writing Fellow, the consultant can become significantly engaged in the writing process of a few students and can observe what works and what doesn't in the conferences. This ultimately leads to better consultants, and better writers.

If you're a First Year Seminar instructor and would like to include Writing Fellows in your class, please contact Writing Center director Jane Nesmith at jnesmith@coe.edu.

For more information about Coe's Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) program, please visit the website or Allison Carr at acarr@coe.edu. For a list of current Writing Fellows, or more information about the program itself, please contact Jane Nesmith at jnesmith@coe.edu.

"By writing much, one learns to write well."
—Robert Southey